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6 comments is now, with a 302 redirect in place (working with FF SEOpen extension, wouldn't know about your assorted scripts). New look to boot.

Via SEW Blog


I literally just had my

I literally just had my first email with the new "from" field

578 01:41:22 PM Domain Tools Mark Alert for 2006-04-11 [1 changes]

.... closely followed by MySpace spam, LOL

Yea noticed the new design

Yea noticed the new design ysterday, that made me look at the address bar and there we go. At first though I thought they were sorta outsourcing some of their services... well now we know what it's all about.

note the alexa addition

note the alexa addition

Congrats to Jay and the

Congrats to Jay and the team, great new site.

I'm especially interested in the new NameServer info


Congrats to Jay. I've always loved this service. Hope the new strategy works.

Chair accident

Thought I had MALWARE in the machine when I went to and it went elsewhere.

Someone owes me a new cushion.

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