Google bids on adwords, beats out other advertisers


If you do the search 'submit url' in Google, it seems Google is running ads for their sitemaps program.

That's nothing new, they've been running adwords on 'miserable failure' for a while. However in this case, they have competition; other advertisers are competing on the term. In addition, they don't always show up in #1 which means they're clearly using some sort of bid amount.

Since this term is an easy target for those targetting the SEO community, how do you feel about competing on bid amounts against Google? How'd you like to try to outbid an ad with a url of 'Google' on their own pages?


Since most advertisers

Since most advertisers bidding on submit URL are probably selling a fraudulent product that bilks people out of their money I sorta like that Google is blocking off a few of those scams.

Google has done this many times for a wide variety of searches. It is their way of having internal navigation and being a portal without actually being a portal. Search for "book" ... there Google is at #1.

You'd be unhappy

...if you were selling a good product though, and finding yourself trying to outbid the ad agency. Either they need to be the wholesaler or the retailer, not both. Competing with your retailers is Bad For Business(tm).

(caveat: I'm likely going to be doing something similiar shortly on one of my sites, backfilling space with my own ads to fill inventory, but heck, I'm not Google. The dollars aren't the same.).

Nothing wrong

I don't think there is anything wrong with it. TV stations run ads for other shows on their network all the time. They own the space and traffic and can do as they want with it.

Google geeks

In addition, they don't always show up in #1 which means they're clearly using some sort of bid amount.

How can you make that statement in the original post? I am floored by all the Google geeks who research the company actions so intently that they are convinced they know the inner workings.

In reality you could be, and probably are, 100% wrong. Who knows how and why and to what extent Google goes in reference to it's own ads and placement of such ...and how can you say "clearly" when you "clearly" have no real clue.

Do you work there? Did a Google engineer share this info with you? {growl} Google geeks need to learn to report on simple observation and leave the analysis out of it unless specifying that it is a total guess.

Being a Google geek doesn't mean you spew Google facts.

Having a bad day?

that was quite a rant. Maybe instead of just setting up an adwords account and funding it with play money, they did indeed program up some devious scheme to accomplish exactly the same darn thing, if that's what floats your boat to believe. Call mine a theory that fits all known facts if that's what you prefer.

Man, this place is full of conspiracy theorists.

Wheel...ya know I like ya...

Wheel...ya know I like ya... I just think it is more fun and more interesting to be obstinant from the word go. Makes for more colorful threads.

Google geeks

If I were a Google Geek I would never get involved in money (bidding).. anything like that would have to happen through an offshore affiliate or some such CPA-created shenanigans. Not likely.

Very likely IMHO that they added some login to not get in the way of serious bidders... like setting a max at 15% above the 75th percentile mark, or just below the last up-bidder. The end result being they rank at the top unless it's competitive (meaning someone will lose $ solely based on Gogle's own insertion) and in those cases settle down to just above the first non-competitor.

There is a huge difference

There is a huge difference in most TV advertising and PPC in the fact that PPC is an auction - most TV ads are not.

In Denmark there was recently a case of some auction houses bidding on their own items. That turned out to be illegal. I don't see why the same should not apply to PPC-engines - and maybe it does. Only a real case will show ...

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