How Much Can You Charge for SEO?

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Seo Rates, How much should I charge?
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HRF member Paper*Girl ask: "What are the competitive rates for seo and how long does it take for spiders to index? Does anyone have any advice for me?"

Ian (Mcanerin) goes on to provide some excellent suggestions for determining how much to charge. Here's a small taste of it:

Never undercut yourself. If a business can't afford $1500 to start off with, then they are better off doing it themselves, or actually putting together a business plan. If they don't understand you have to invest in your business to make it grow then you are probably not doing them or their customers any favors by getting them to market prematurely, IMO.



Nice one Jill, homepaged and bumped to the top of the list :)

a Market is a Market

I found it hard lately while many
newbies sell SEO advice for 20-30 $ an hour...

yet... as my dad always says: You get what You pay for.

take yourself seriously

The rates I am seeing are $5k to $20k a site.

I don't do much more on "rate

I don't do much more on "rates" but on the value of my work. trust me, if you know what you are doing it pays better :)

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