AOL - Out Of France And Germany (Access), Into VOIP


From The Guardian - AOL to sell French and German businesses.

The internet service provider AOL is understood to have put its French and German businesses up for sale. The company, part of the US media group Time Warner, is retaining its British business and will continue to operate internet portals in Germany and France.

And from USA Today - AOL's 'AIM Phoneline' offers free local phone number.

DULLES, Va. — AOL is close to unveiling a voice-over-Internet service, based on its AIM instant messenger, that would give any AIM user a local phone number for free.

Dubbed AIM Phoneline, the free number would only allow for incoming calls from any phone.

Still, it's the first offer of a free number. To get a number that can be called on Skype costs about $4 a month.