New Yahoo! PPC System Today


After being dumped by MSN it didn't take Yahoo! long to announce their new PPC system.

They are rolling out the first part today:

Mitgang said the system will be rolled out in phases in order to lessen disruption to Yahoo's base of hundreds of thousands of customers, who need time to optimize the system to maximize the number of customers their ads may attract.

The first phase, which begins on Monday, is to deliver the core upgraded data and analytics platform. The second phase begins in the third quarter, when the full marketing campaign application becomes available to advertisers.

The new system is intended to allow for quicker testing, eventual ads on other devices such as mobile or televisions, and geographic based ad purchases:

The Yahoo ad system also offers geographical targeting based on databases of geographical terms it acquired when it bought London-based WhereonEarth last year. Thus Yahoo can infer when Web searchers mean Soho, London or Soho, New York.

The WSJ reports that on May 17th, at their investors meeting, they are supposed to announce the new ad ranking criteria, which will factor in click cost as well as ad price, and other yet unnamed criteria.

Another interesting bit is that they intend to include analytics to track ads on other systems, and if Reuters did not misquote, buy ads on other networks:

Eventually, the system will also allow advertisers to buy ads across Yahoo, Google, Microsoft and other systems, allowing for comprehensive budgeting, something Google already offers.

So Yahoo! wants to allow you to manage your Google AdWords account in Yahoo!? If I am not mistaken, that is against the Google AdWords API.

Any TWers give the new system a spin yet? Thoughts?


Long overdue ... I hate

Long overdue ... I hate using the actual YSM-Interface.

Are the changes made simultaneously worldwide?

Just Received Email from Yahoo!

Yahoo outlines new Sponsored Search.

Here's a snipet of the mail:

The new features that will make advertising with Yahoo! better and more effective include:

* Easy-to-Use Control Panel
A completely redesigned, easy-to-navigate control panel will help you see what’s working and what’s not–at the level of detail you choose–so you can take action and get even better results.

* Fast Ad Activation
Most new ads will go online within minutes, allowing you to connect with customers quickly, and easily make changes to your ads whenever you need to.

* Ad Testing
Easily test multiple versions of an ad to find the message that works best for your customers and provides the greatest return on your advertising investment. You can then choose to shift impressions to the ad that performs best.

* Geo-Targeting
Display your ads broadly or narrow your geographic distribution to better target your customers, customize your ads and control your costs.

* Campaign Budgeting, Forecasting and Scheduling
Create, budget and schedule individual advertising campaigns for greater control over your advertising strategy and spending. Review forecasts of your potential clicks based on your bids and budget and see how many clicks you’re leaving to your competitors.

* Visibility
Understand how well your ads are performing relative to your competitors with the new Quality Index displayed for each ad. You’ll also see the bid range necessary for premium placement at the top of the search results page.

* Easy-to-Use Control Panel
A completely redesigned, easy-to-navigate control panel will help you see what’s working and what’s not–at the level of detail you choose–so you can take action and get even better results.

Copy testing?

Sounds like a winner so far to me.

Entire mail here:

Copy testing?

Sounds like AdCenter to me.


Loren, where do you hear about dayparting features? I didn't see it in the email we received nor talked about in some of the early press. I know we would love to have dayparting features for campaigns to be able to turn on ads for certain parts of the country at certain times and sophisticated rules to turn bids on and off but have had to use a third party tool for that.

I commented on the email and stories here for anyone who is interested:

And I agree Oilman, it doensn't seem like they are introducing anything revolutionary just enough to catch up.

Give me something new

Why doesn't YSM one-up G and MSN by allowing advertisers to buy query strings? We all know users typically do many queries before buying one product/service/thing, so why not let an advertiser say "Show my ad for the set of queries someone does, when one query = X"?


Shorebreak: can you explain more?

Hi Shorebreak
Do you mean like only showing an ad after a set series of queries like..
don't show someone an add when they just do one search for X, only show after a series like X,Y, Z?

Or do you mean any phrase that contains the query
"buy fun stuff"
which could match
"buy fun stuff for you"
"buy fun stuff for me"

If you mean the second, that is covered under broad match and phrase match on all the engines as far as I know.

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