Bid Tools: What Do You Use?


I'm at the end of my rope. I need to do keyword research for a PPC campaign, and I need to find a tool that gives *accurate* bids for Yahoo. (This particular campaign is for Yahoo, not Google.)

Wordtracker sometimes gives accurate results, but often will tell me there is a $0.00 bid for terms that have a bid. I don't have time to screw around with clearing my cache or manually clicking down to 'dig more' to get a bid.

I'm looking for a tool that will give me accurate results quickly without a lot of digging on my part.

What do you guys use?


Wot, no suggestions ?

Just giving this a nudge

totally self promo here

but my keyword tool is free and pretty comprehensive
enter something and that will bring up a result set. on the result set it links to the overture view bid tool for each item.

keep in mind that the overture view bid tool may go away or be altered in form after the pending yahoo update.

also the tool links to the google traffic estimator, which will give you rough google estimated bid price and click costs for ranking #1 for 85% of queries if you do not enter a bid price.

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