Explorer users 4x more likely to click ads than Firefox users

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Firefox users ignore online ads, report says
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No shit sherlock...

On the basis that Firefox users are clearly superior beings of vast intellect and thus more likely to use the tools provided than their cranially challenged cousins the IE users, I'd say it was a no brainer that less ads are clicked by the FF boys and girls...





What a silly thing. Firefox users don't even have to see the ads so of course they're not clicking 'em!

And you only use Firefox when....

You've gotten pissed off with the ads being shown on explorer.

FF Paranoia

Most of us that are smart enough to switch did it because of all the drive-by installs and download crap you can get through IE. Of course we don't click on ads, we don't click on anything any more, just to be on the safe side. ;-)

This is a nice example...

...of newspaper-type statistics. As it happens, both "people using FF" and "people not clicking on ads" are not causally linked, except that they have a common cause...

But that's why it's no use to put ads on seo sites... ( ;) )

Interesting..Cnet just removed my trackback

I read your blog earlier today and found it really interesting so i decided to trackback the same post.
It worked...that was until 2 hours later it was removed from Cnet.

So much for We encourage linking appropriately.

Hi Quinton!

..and welcome to Threadwatch, do introduce yourself

That's odd about Cnet, please see your pm box on the left beneath the logo.

OK, back to the topic of FF vs IE - Is anyone here using IE at all these days? If so, why?


Is anyone here using IE at all

I actually still use it, its habit really though.
Its a bit like AOL users though thats how they have grown so big, they get new users so used to it that its hard to change away even though you know there is better out there.
I read a book the other week that AOL actually spend over 150 dollars on marketing for each new user as the new users are the best sellers to other new users...
(Unleash an idea virus) i think i read that, an excellent marketing book.
I have advertising space at the Opera portal and my fingers still click the IE symbol in the mornings, i think it must be M$ brain washing!

Have Opera, Netscape, and FF

Have Opera, Netscape, and FF installed but i still use IE -
Start up time for FF is too slow, those 2.5 seconds are annoying.
1500 bookmarks going back 5 years- Can import but order is not the same in FF
Various toolbars(not search related) only work in IE
Happy with IE, just like i know linux is the better OS i’m happy with XP.

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