Yahoo Reveals Pieces of Its Strategy at Analyst Day


Yahoo had its analyst day yesterday, which included the introduction of the chart below that illustrates part of their vision for the future.

They also released a 188 page PDF document, if you're bored.

via Content Matters


I still think it is dumb

I still think it is dumb that they don't extend the Flickr brand to include an image marketplace.

image marketplace

are you suggesting something like here are my photos, if you want to use them for your site they cost $x.xx?

well allow people optionally

well allow people optionally do that...

have you seen how cool this tool is

I mean they have a clear market leading position in that vertical...I think they could leverage it for another revenue stream without adding much if any risk to hurting that brand.

i agree, they should be in a

i agree, they should be in a position to easily make istockphoto quite nervous regarding P2P photo commerce. i think Y's big problem is management, same reason why Y! finance has not innovated much, even in obvious ways like allowing you to pull up stock information by company name and not just ticker.

interesting site Aaron

Looking at this "day in the life" poster:

and this comment from the creator

Q: Many people have licensed their photos with a Cc to not authorize commercial use? Do you respect...
A: Yes, I do. This is not a commercial endeavor. The posters are being sold at cost, which is why they are so cheap.

Umm... I see a *little* problem there. One day we may live in such a loose commercial society, but for now there is a wee bit more paperwork required before one can sell other's work without attribution, permission, or royalty. Yahoo may be sticking with the less controversial monetization schemes for now.. and perhaps letting others (like G) bear a larger share of the costs of pioneering.

underpants gnomes strategy

Phase 1 - Steal underpants.
Phase 2 - ???
Phase 3 - Profit!

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