Yahoo! and eBay Announce Strategic Partnership


Yahoo! and eBay announced a multi-year partnership today. Yahoo! is to accept Paypal payments and be the exclusive third-party broker of graphical ads and sponsored search ads on eBay.


so that is why they didn't

so that is why they didn't want to chase after MySpace.
MySpace is the second most popular community behind Ebay. Well done Y!

This has to be good for Yahoo

Once again, as major search engine alliances are being formed and deals being done... MSN is nowere to be found. Looks like the only way MSN becomes a big dog is if they just end up buying Yahoo outright sometime down the road. And I bet Google inks a deal with Myspace before MSN. BTW...Its been my limited experience that trying to advertise to the myspace crowd when they are only interested in doing whatever it is they do on Myspace is a pretty tough go and just may not prove as profitable to google or MSN... as one might think.

I think Yahoo made the right move staying away from Myspace.


They should merge

Yahoo and eBay makes a lot of sense together IMO and the combination would be such a financial juggernaut that Google and MS would have good cause to be nervous.

... And Microsoft may buy EBay


For several weeks Microsoft has been in discussions about a possible acquisition of online auctioneer eBay, The Post has learned.

According to multiple sources close to the matter, Microsoft has considered buying eBay and merging it with its MSN portal - a deal that would give MSN and eBay considerable clout to take on Google.

One source close to the matter suggested the Yahoo-eBay tie-up would not stop Microsoft from pursuing the online auctioneer.

I could see Microsoft

I could see Microsoft swallowing eBay, Yahoo! and Amazon if they were allowed to.

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