AdBrite Profitless, Pud Steps Down


Pud is stepping down from the chief executive position at AdBrite.

Kaplan defended his 18-month tenure as AdBrite's chief executive. The company is profitless, but it just received $8 million in a second round of funding, he said.

Kaplan, 30, told CNET on Wednesday that he made the decision to turn AdBrite, which sells online advertising, over to "professional management." While he said he wasn't forced out, he acknowledged that his board of directors didn't try to dissuade him from stepping down.

I am a bit surprised that they are not yet profitable. I see their ads everywhere.


Surprised too

I talked with one of the adbrite reps at pubcon about a suggestion I had, he liked it wrote it down and within a week of being back I saw it was live on the system. I also emailed customer service about a problem, and they had it fixed within 6 hours. Can't ask for better service than that.

The only thing I see that could be holding them back from a profit stand point is the disparity in pricing. If you know how to work the system you can find some amazing bargains in adbrite, lots of people who set prices too low. On the other end there are lots of folks who set prices way too high. There's not a lot of middle ground.

I totally agree...I think

I totally agree...I think they should put suggested prices up or something like that...kinda guide the publishers along to understanding the value.

Prices and delivery

you can actually set Adbrite to autoprice your inventory, I do it with mine now. The problem though with Adbrite, particularly given they aren't contextual, is the return, I've tried them in various spots and no matter what I try, they just don't deliver in the same way as say Adsense does. Perhaps some more SEO inclined Threadwatch readers can fill me in on this, but I'd also think that Adbrite ads wouldn't have the same advantage in terms of SEO that say TLA delivers as well (js include vs php with TLA), so they sit somewhere between Adsense and TLA without actually providing much that is original, outside of the fact that they cater very well to gambling and adult sites.

Dave killed them off for

Dave killed them off for dropping an intertesticle on his blog without his explicit permission. I think they need much better communications with their publishers. It's nice that they listen, but communication is 2-way.

I've also heard that the payouts aren't great for whatever reason. However good they *think* the technology is, if it's not making people money, its clearly not good enough, I'd suggest

Working Adbrite

>I think they need much better communications with their publishers.

I was in the program before the interstitials came out and we got an email about it. I think Dave joined after that, so it's possible they didn't do as good a job after the fact. The interface for setting up your zones is a little confusing and they could put a slightly better tutorial up on how to use it.

You can set your own price on a CPC or time frame (weekly, monthly, etc). From both a publisher and an advertisers point of view I find I do much better going for a time frame and not a CPC basis. As an advertiser you you do have to go through and hunt for the hidden gems. I've found one site who sends me a few hundred people a month for less than $10 a month.

>> As an advertiser you you

>> As an advertiser you you do have to go through and hunt for the hidden gems.

That's fine for those with the time and inclination to do the fiddling, but it pretty much rules them out of the mass market, doesn't it? You need to assume that your users are, on average, less intelligent than a hammer.

Tooth-grindingly stupid, in fact :)

their inventory

pretty much sucks

I am sharp, or my teeth are

I grind my teeth. Excessively. And I rarely use AdBrite.

Adbrite has been good for me

Adbrite has been good for me as a publisher of verticle properties.

Adbrite has been good for me

Adbrite has been good for me as a publisher of verticle properties. Their checks arrive on time , no PPC crap and nobody serves the small niche's better.

Weak selection for advertisers

I think the Adbrite concept is great, but currently they don't have enough "quality" inventory to pull in the bigger advertisers. I've spoken to Adbrite a couple of times at conferences, but I'm just not looking to advertise a strong brand on smaller sites which are often plastered w/ other ads for lowering bills & mortgages.

I have never used the

I have never used the service but they gave a presentation at PubCon that was pretty much worthless. I believe it was the CEO, Kaplan, that gave it. It was part of the paid links session. He tried to go to their web site and it was down. That was pretty much his presentation. He said he would stick around for the Q and A but didn't really contribute anything.

You can say what you want about how good their service is or whatever, but that is not the kind of first impression you want to give people at a webmaster conference.

anybody listed adbrite on

anybody listed adbrite on fuckedcompany yet? that'd be ironic, hhh.

AdBrite was pointless

I already sell direct ads on my site and I thought what the hell, I'd expand to a larger market. Then I noticed the 25% cut and delay in getting money, as currently each new ad paid clears into my account in 3 days, so for me, it didn't make any sense.

Then one of my competitors put AdBrite on his site and had nothing but off topic links, which I won't tolerate, so that was a second demerit in my books.

If they could just develop topic specific text ads, so you aren't seeing mortgagae ads and crap, it might be more interesting. Also, there needs to be a way to get a sample of the ad network without shelling out $900/day for some sites which is crazy.

Oh well, better luck next time Pud as you learned a lesson about getting VC vs bootstrapping, which is probably good you didn't as you would be poor now.

AdBrite is slow loading

Did Pud fud with the AdBrite servers before he left?

The AdBrite script is causing every site i see that participates in the program to load very slow. Is anyone else seeing this?

Pud still works at AdBrite,

Pud still works at AdBrite, he just stepped down from the CEO position.

Where is

When trying to access, I get a "connection has timed out" error.


Since the news went out their server was overloaded a few times. Seems people are going in droves to see what AdBrite was all about and if Pud really got the boot.

Maybe Pud just hired the CEO so he could focus on the tech side and the rest of the story is a plant to drive traffic, who knows.

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