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Don't forget to wipe your hard drive before you sell somebody an 'in perfect working condition' but actually defunct laptop. Or at least wipe the gay porn, the voyeur photos you've been taking of women on the train, and your various C.V.'s with conflicting information.

Otherwise, the disgruntled buyer might pull that stuff from the hard drive and start a blog to share all those gems with the world.

{credit to slashdot for the story}


Bad Day For Hard Drives

Here's another hard drive horror story, Best Buy supposedly replaced this guy's hard drive and destroyed the original. He was shocked when someone else bought it at a flea market in Chicago for $25 and used the data to contact them.

Yahoo News

nobody wipes

I was doing some distributed tinkering and wanted a bunch of boxes cheeeeep so I asked the friendly sanitation workers to bring me what they found in the trash for a small price. 20 or so boxes and all but one had hard drives with lots of personal info, I got tired of looking..

credit to slashdot?


This story was everywhere before it hit slashdot. They didn´t even publish the story till after the website had more than 1.8 million hits.

Hell, I posted it on the 26th only after I saw that it had already gone viral.

Credit to slashdot

...because that's where I read it. I didn't try and source it any further than that, not sure why I would. It seemed appropriate to credit the place where I read about it. What's booo about that?

Well, theregister published

Well, theregister published the story on the 26th. Slashdot finally links to theregister 5 days later, does not link to the actual blog, adds no comentary and gets credit for some kind of find?

I´m not saying that you should have found the first person to ever link to the story, but in this case slashdot only pointed to someone else's comentary, added no value, and was very tardy with the reporting. I just think theregister was much more worthy of the link in this example.

And while i'm being an anoyingly nitpicky jerk, I might as well ask you if you are going to point to slashdot in this example that you please link to the actual slashdot reference, instead of just the site.

And to greywolf: this is not a horror story, it's a hero story. Amir had a -2 ebay feedback rating. It would have been lower if he did not have one positive from a username that was obviously a family member. The guy was a habitual ebay scammer. The reason the HD was not wiped was because the computer was broken when he sold it - he sold it as a working laptop. It also did not have the DVD player listed and had 512 ram instead of 2 Gig advertised.

The Buyer had an ebay rating of 72.

This is why the story went viral. People like to see this kind of public shaming of obvious fraudsters. I know I did.

PS: Sorry for being a jerk.


Thanks for this one, been sick last couple of days and this definitely perked me up, looks like something I would've done! ;)

The only item that pissed me off was the BBC article painting him as a criminal opposed to the guy that defraused him and the lady still waiting on her iPod.

Things like this make me glad I don't have eBay stock anymore.

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