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I have ranted many times about the lack of richness to eBay's platform and feedback mechanism. It looks like they are trying to make the experience a bit richer. Steve Rubel noted that they have FAQ pages up about blogs and wikis.

The biggest questions with the blog integration are:

  • how well will they rank ;)
  • how much additional traffic will they bring for eBay
  • what sort of quality are they going to get
  • how much will these other publishing avenues drive people toward make deals from stuff they found on eBay that are not bought through eBay


looks like it will be a

looks like it will be a walled garden approach

eBay will be tightly controlling the content of blogs that its users set up via the newly announced blogging features that the online auction is set to introduce next week, reports AuctionBytes.com. eBay's policies limit users' self-promotion and set strict guidelines not only limiting adult content and profanity, for example, but also preventing mentions of eBay competitors - or even users' own off-eBay businesses.

What would happen if they had different tiers to the blogging...one with contextual ads integrated, and another premium paid service without ads where you were allowed to say whatever you wanted?

I bet a more open service would end up more profitable in the longterm.

The Wiki is

The Wiki is live.
It looks like the only outbound links are to the Wikipedia or pages.eBay.com.

It looks like some of the pages.eBay.com pages link out to some relevant resources, although their SEO selections are quite limited at a grand total of 2.

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