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Search Engine Strategies Chicago - December 13-16, 2004
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Well, Barry Schwartz has got the ball rolling with regards to the upcoming SES so i guess it's time I pulled out a few threads i've had bookmarked the last couple of weeks:

I've most likely missed a load, couldnt find one at wmw for example? heh.. If you have any please pm me or add them as comments..

I guess many of you are going, im green with envy but Ivana's due date is friday so "im just nipping out for some milk..." just wont cut it..

Hope everyone has a great time, and if you get a chance, do login and post in this thread.


Best Panel?

Gotta be the Blackhat/Whitehat blood match surely? - Hope barry gets to report a blow by blow of that...

Yeah it's gonna be rough...

I'm thinking maybe me an' Oilman should start off with some mud wrestling or something to get the audience in the mood... ;-)

It's going to be fun.

I think I'm doing 4 different panels, but I'm confident the black hat/white hat session will be the most entertaining. If any TW members are going, make sure you look me up. Todd will be picking up the bar tab.

I wish I could go too and I e

I wish I could go too and I even live fairly close to Chicago - it's just too close to Christmas though and I have too much to get done before the year is over.

I'd love to be there for that black hat/white hat session!

Please keep us updated - any of you who are going!

Anyone know if SEO Rockstars will still be airing next week? Any special guests on the show?

Rockstars and beer

I'd be happy to by the beer just as soon as I find the credit card I swiped from WG :)

No Rockstars next Tuesday - both Jake and I will be in Chicago and I'm sure there is a party somewhere that night we will be at instead - hehe.


conferences aren't really my bag, I don't think I'm networking inclined, but the blackhat/whitehat session rouses my curiousity. Almost wish I was going -- those chairing it are, as those crazy kids in the US say 'the bomb' ;)

Speaking of Parties...

I heard a rumor today that team butterfly will be throwing a big bash Wed. night. Not sure if it's true, but I love the idea of all the major search engines fighting to see which one can provide me the most free food and liquor.

You gotta love this business.

Going to miss this one....

Definately making plans for SES New York.

(On an offtopic note.. congrats Nick, just discovered this site and I assume you're expecting good news, given the mention of due dates. Welcome to the club)

Still cleaning up my backlog from Vegas

Wish I could go, too. Please report back, it's not nearly as good as being there, but it's better than nothing!


Hi shri - nice to see you ove

Hi shri - nice to see you over here!

When is SES New York anyway?

You mean ?

There are conferences and stuff where you guys all meet and share gossip and stuff ?

and what if I dont have a hat in those colours ?

and finally how much is the ticket for Jill V Oil mud wrestling ?



This looks like a fun panel too: GooHoo

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