Comparing Yahoo! Search, Google, and MSN Search


I recently wrote an article comparing the relevancy algorithms and business models of the major search engines.

I asked a few other friends to take a look at it, but one of them suggested I just mention it here and see what TWers think of it. Feel free to give me hate so I can make it better.


Aaron, Good article and, I


Good article and, I think, a fair assessment of the situation at present. Unfortunately the state of web search as you describe it leaves me even more depressed as Google's control continues to grow a monoculture in the search space.

Hey Bobo, stick this thread

Hey Bobo, stick this thread up your robots.txt and smoke it!

you lost me Jason?

you lost me Jason?

The trouble with the focus

The trouble with the focus on "spam" is a lack of focus on relevancy, though.

Just because a site gets text links doesn't make that site irrelevant - just because a page is on a .edu, doesn't make that page relevant.

Bobo's blog which infers

Bobo's blog which infers something about someone who and which is downright wrong, nasty and to be frank, almost libellous!!


He must be referring to the mention about the successful SEO book which I caught the other day. Any other SEO books you can think of? Hmmmmm

Nice job...

I don't have time right now to read the whole thing, but the "short version" alone is good material - and nothing I could argue with. Great link bait, Aaron. I'll bite soon....

Who's Bobo?

I followed that link and it looks like something from the early 80s... kinda like an old BBS system. Odd, for sure.

Anyway, the guy sounds like he's one of those stuck in the past who wait until the present shifts, and then come out proclaiming it's the same as it ever was, blah blah blah. As if the last few years (links = very important for Google) never happened.

Hey, when there's an audience, there's a speaker, right? I am back in NYC right now and there are "speakers" on most street corners LOL.

aahhhh.. that's Brett Tabkey.

Oh I see now. Of course.

great! Even though I'm


Even though I'm generally too lazy to even read the short description (I usually read the title and search for pictures), I read almost all of it and found lots of new information! .. well, ok not really much new to me here, but it was a good read anyway! :)
Well organized and structured article, I think it may become the best SEO article of 2006!

Nice job!

I think it is very well done.

Jason, there is more than

Jason, there is more than one SEO book

I'd bet my left kidney that Bobo the Twat isn't talking about any other SEO Book authors.

Tony Spencer also thinks it

Tony Spencer also thinks it is I that was referenced
but MANY WMW moderators told me that in the WMW staff room Brett quickly outright denied that I was being referenced when some of his moderators started giving him flack about the comment.

I always think that when you talk shit about someone and are pretty leading with it you may as well go out and state their name (or at least appoligize if you realize that many of YOUR OWN moderators mistook the identity of the person you were talking shit about). With his long forum experience (and the WWW in general) he had to have known that many people were going to think that the comment was about me.

Even after his own moderators commented that they thought it was bogus Brett still has not modified the comment, which is garbage, IMHO. I unsubscribed from WMW support after I read his blog post and talked to a number of WMW moderators about the issue. If Brett edits the comment and appoligizes then I may reconsider my position.

Let's pretend that Brett wasn't talking about me. Who has a rep as a top 50 SEO who sells an SEO book and most likely only worked on their blog? And then as a follow up to that question, whoever it is, does Brett invite that person to speak at WMW even though he claims they are clueless? I know I was on a panel listed as "an old pro" at the last WMW conference.

What is sorta ironic is that I recently worked on one of the ~10 largest sites on the web (sorry I can't name who) and they actually found me at a WMW conference.

I don't hate Brett (he has hooked me up at least twice with great clients and I learned a bunch from WMW). I just think that was an uncool comment (much like his past comment that nobody should support me in the TP case and that it was all for the courts to decide).

Brett has got flamed many many times here though, so I could see how he could take that personally and potentially dislike me for it.

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