MarketingSherpa Awards Sketchy?


Danny Sullivan mentioned that SEW was not even nominated as a choice for the 2006 MarketingSherpa awards. That is like not including Michael Jordan in a list of all time best basketball players.

I am not bitching because I was snuffed (they actually listed SeoBook as an option for the first time this year), but many people have IMed me questioning the legitimacy of many of the selections and how some obvious ones like SEW were not on the list.

Is there any point to awards that do not even list the best choices as an option? Please vote Blah for ;)


Sorry Danny

Congrats Aaron, I saw you made the list. My blog was nominated again this year too. I was glad they broke Affiliate Marketing blogs out into their own category this time instead of having them lumped in with general marketing. Best of luck to Barry and everyone else I know that got nominated. Sorry Danny. ;-)

didn't Loren do this already?

No offense to those nominated, past winners, Marketing Sherpa, or whatever.

But the whole thing is amateurish. I'm a marketing blog JUNKIE and have somehow missed a ton of those nominated -- and as Danny pointed out they didn't even list what is (possibly?) the most widely read blog in SEO.

Of course, I respect the link baiting move. Create a non-authoritative "award" scheme, and everyone who is nominated posts about it, giving you free publicity and links. Pretty good ROI considering "awards-voting" linkbait takes $0 and (in this case it appears) half an hour to set up.


takes $0 and (in this case it appears) half an hour to set up.


How can you take a name like

How can you take a name like MarketingSherpa seriously? No offence to my tibetian warrior friends ;-)


Just goes to show that our little SEO world isn't often as big as we think it is...ha!!!

>SEO world isn't often as

>SEO world isn't often as big as we think it is

or that half an hour is not enough time to put together an awards program

Yes, Loren did do this already

... but I did a better job.

One thing I've noticed about Sherpa awards is that their nominations fly a bit under the radar, which was THE reason Search Engine Journal's Search Blog Awards did such an open and high profile job of promoting our nominations.

Sherpa's awards have been around longer, and I think Barry Schwartz or Andy Beal may have won best SEM blog in the past.

Personally, I take the Sherpa's with a grain of salt really, any search marketing blog award list which does not include the top industry 4 or 5 blogs should not be taken very seriously.

That being said, best to Search Views, Garrett French, Lee Odden and Barry. I forsee a showdown between Garrett and Barry this time as Garrett still has the staff of THK behind him, but Barry has expanded his sphere of influence with his SEW Blog position.

When the votes are cast the results will be quite high profile, as Sherpa has a very active mailing list and lots of old school online marketing (B.L. Ochman style) PR contacts. Best to all entrants.

Announcing the markus941 awards

Apply here. Just send me the page where you've placed a backlink to my blog and you're nominated (PR3 and under need not apply). I get the distinct feeling Ed from Fooky considers MarketingSherpa to be the end all resource to SEO. And clients wonder why they're getting FookyEd online.

I have over 150 SEO blogs in

I have over 150 SEO blogs in my RSS reader, so there is no question the Marketing Sherpa blog award thingy is not trying to be comprehensive. There's a list of blogs as long as my arm that are better than mine that should have been listed.

This is the third year my blog has been on it and with competition like SEOBook, SERoundtable, etc, there's no way I'll win anything but I'm a marketer and the exposure is fine by me.

As Loren mentions, Marketing Sherpa does have an excellent mailing list and the exposure to that list is quite nice if you want to get in front of client side marketers.

I don't know Marketing Sherpa

I don't know Marketing Sherpa well at all. The reason is that they never responded to my e-mail question to them about the number of SEO Pay for Performance compensated firms listed in their book. I thought that was very unprofessional.

I don't know why Danny's blog as well as other great blogs did so poorly, but my opinion is that it has something to do with "biased subjective criteria". This reminds me of a quote from Danny's "SEO Guide Expands, But Ratings Upset Some Firms" from 4/2/02. Danny then said (and I agree!) that "Consumers considering the guide should understand that is not a guide to the best search engine marketing firms out there. There are no doubt good firms in the guide, but there are also plenty of good firms not in it.
Inclusion in the guide shouldn't be seen as a stamp of approval, nor should you immediately consider a company that is not listed as having done something wrong."

That same good logic and advice could be applied to "the 2006 MarketingSherpa awards". See =

Did SEW not get nominated

Did SEW not get nominated because they are not considered a blog? While they do have a blog, there is far more to the site than that.

Maybe they are looking for new faces?

Contests like these will

Contests like these will never satisfy everyone that's for sure. I don't think it's a matter of Danny or anyone else's blog doing "poorly". They probably just didn't draw attention to the nomination form to get votes for their own nomination.

Hey, YOU may think it's dodgy...

... but I'm just happy to be nominated! I'll take any nominations that may come my way, thank you very much :-) Of course, I'm up against such stiff competition (Aaron!) that there's no way I'll win, but maybe I'll get a wider audience. I do put a lot of work into my blog, so it's nice to be nominated.

Crashed the Voting Engine

I was coming to report on how funky their reporting engine was. Had numerous complaints from people that they could not vote, some got time-outs, others got errors and for a long time none of the links to any of the blogs worked.

Today they have switched to a different voting service, extended the voting til Monday and the voting page says:

"We're sorry. We completely failed to anticipate the massive volume of voters for this year's vote. Last year just under 10,000 people visited the voting form. This year our visits topped six-figures in less than a day."

Don't know about anyone else but my blog has gotten a ton of traffic from being nominated. So I'm with Eric - dodgy or not, I'm happy for the extra exposure this is bringing.

roll your own award (courtesy thecorporation and

award gallery 1

award gallery 2

Awards were a great way to linkbait in 1996 and appear to still work a decade later.

You know. I almost want WmW

You know. I almost want WmW to be nominated just because Tabke would pucker at both ends to have his site called a 'blog'.

I should probably go to hell for wishing such discomfort to another human being.

I don't know how they setup the awards...

But don't deride MarketingSherpa just because of that. By far, it is THE most informative guide that exists on the web today for marketing professionals online, backed up by real case studies and extensive analysis, and it's run by top quality, super talented people that know their stuff. If I had to dump all of my pubs for just one, that'd be the one I keep.

In other words, quit hating on the Sherpa!

Disclaimer: ReveNews was nominated for an award, yes.

I know some of

I know most of MarketingSherpa's stuff is top notch. I think that is sorta what makes the award program stuff such a shocking let down, and comment worthy in nature.

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