Ingenio Unveils Ether - Monetize Your Phone Conversations


Ingenio, the Pay Per Call people, have introducedsomething called Ether, a voice-commerce application. You can now monetize your phone conversations.

Tools like AdSense have sought to make it possible for people to monetize user-generated content based on clicks, but Ether helps people leverage content to monetize their time," said Greg Sterling, founder, Sterling Market Intelligence. "It creates a range of interesting e-commerce opportunities for experts who sell advice rather than products."

This would be great for consultants (perhaps marketing consultants and SEOs) and others who want to charge for their time. But is it really different than having an 900 number?


I've been in the beta for a

I've been in the beta for a while. I've offered it to three people during that time; they weren't going to become regular clients but still wanted a few phone hours of consulting on their sites. Not one of them chose to use Ether because they all wanted to use Paypal and Ether has so far refused to integrate.

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