Lap Tops make you infertile

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Sperm Count down if you use a laptop
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Picked this up off Google News, they know what our priorities are.

If you really want to make your eyes water, this is how the tests were done

I think we will be seeing a lot of threads on this today


If this technique... perfected, maybe it can be used as birth control. You know, something for the boys at last ;) ;)

Is this scientific ;)

"...But the only previous scientific paper on the impact of warm laptops on male reproductive organs was a 2002 anecdotal report published in The Lancet (vol 360, p 1704) of a scientist who suffered burns to his penis and scrotum after using one..."

"Electronic sensors taped to the right and left testes were used to measure temperature every three minutes...."

Sounds like something Ukgimp pays srious money for, eh m8!

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