Guy Kawasaki RSS Feed Hijacking

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While this probably isn't the first time it's happened it's probably the first time it's happened to an A-List Blogger like Guy Kawasaki. Here's the cliff notes version on hijacking a feedburner feed

This is an incredibly small blog that’s intended to: redirect you to Guy’s new feed, show Guy (and others) the reason why they don’t want to just let their Feedburner feeds get deleted, and gently inform Feedburner, Bloglines and others of a little problem that needs to be fixed.

For those of you who are are seeing this message in your feed reader and wondering why I’m not sounding like Guy Kawasaki, here’s the deal. You are subscribed to an outdated Feedburner feed that Guy allowed to lapse. You should unsubscribe to this feed and subscribe to his current feed, which is located at this URL:


Some more details

Here are some more details that might shed some light on this: Deleting your FeedBurner Feed.

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