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MSN BETA - What the algo looks like at the moment
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Okay, so there are a ton of threads thoughout the search marketing boards that are talking about MSN Beta - I've resisted temptation to post something here for a while as i personally feel that it really doesnt matter very much right at this point. However, it's probably time that we opened it up and got some opinions from TW boys and girls..

The threadlink above is to an seo-guy post where there are a number of reasonable sounding opinions on MSN Beta and how to rank in it.

Here's two of them:


I have pages that I haven't touched since writing them ranking #1 for ULTRA competitive terms using oldschool SEO

kw in title
kw in desc
kw in meta kw

H1 with keyword
first paragraph kw bolded and sprinkled throughout as whole and pieces if long.

H2 with kw
paragraph again contains kw

throughout the rest of the page let the kw occur naturally in your writing, dont overstuff

last P make sure it is as strong as the first for the kw phrase

Links to other pages on your site with kw as part of anchor

and clasione

It simply a 10 month old Google copy with no filters....

they'd better do better than that - if they wanna be taken seriously....

So, some questions for Threadwatchers:

  • What actually matters when optimizing for MSN Beta?
  • Does ranking in the beta actually matter at all?
  • What do you think of MSN Beta so far....?


MSN still have long way to go.

Search for a popular term like news, music, books and compare the top 20 on msn beta, Google, yahoo and Teoma. MSN results are ok and sometimes awful when compared to the other engines. As it is now MSN beta looks very easy to manipulate, my own sites do very well, but the overall result are that poor i can’t see many people switching from existing engines to MSN.

it’s not worth worrying about how to rank on MSN yet, they need to make some big improvements first.

It is a simple engine to rank

It is a simple engine to rank well in, I have a few good rankings with little or no effort. Lets hope they have a healthy amount of market share so the rankings are worth while. I used to have good rankings in Fast under a few competitive phrases but saw no traffic from them.

MSN certainly are spidering well though, they say I have 500+ pages on a 200 page site. Same goes for backlinks...

Links kick hard in MSN beta -

Links kick hard in MSN beta - simply put. None of the various devaluation methods Google uses for sitewides et al are apparent.

However, if the tenet that SEO is about ranking relevant sites, then there's an argument that the MSN beta results are pretty relevant.


You know, i was wondering earlier, or maybe yesterday what the outcome of one of google stopping battling search marketers and letting it ride...

Wouldn't you get excellent results? - I cant think off hand of anyone i know that likes to rank higly for irelevant terms can you? It might prove very interesting if MSN dont change much when they go to public side with this...

Anchor text and title

Not much attention and very little gaming when it comes to the Beta search.

I think everyone in the search marketing game would love to see another major player competing and sending good traffic to clients websites.

Whilst I have been impressed with the Beta spiders indexing, concerned about their Algo. Im my opinion, Anchor text is heavily weighted, title still plays a role and many of the other factors might have slight weighting but collectively, they border on insignificance.

Dont necessarily agree with keywords in URL being a factor as mentioned - but dont mind being corrected ;)

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