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Blogs vs. Comment Spam
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Article on O'Reilly references "chongqing" - no direct links to sites for reasons that may become obvious plus "spam vampires" - a variation on the recent Lycos screensaver hoohah.

Chongqing was named after the Chinese city - the location of the comment-spammer who was first targeted by this:

the immediate goal was to knock that spammer's pages off the front page of search results for the keywords he spams

Declaring war on DaveN:

By posting hyperlinks from the spammed terms to the site, blog and wiki operators can throw spammers to the mat. As the site proclaims to spammers, "All your page ranks are belong to us."

Doesn't seem particularly successful at the moment, but the combined power of wikis and blogs could become potent...

Link vampires use an image-rotating script to attack bandwidth on destination sites in spam email in an effort to take them offline:

By contrast, spam vampire tools offer immediate and nearly irresistible retaliatory power. A trial run of one such program using a cable modem easily sucked down over 2 MB of bandwidth per minute from a couple of spammer sites.



For those of you wanting the direct links:

Thanks stever, that's clearly doomed to live but a short life but it has provided some amusement on an otherwise boring saturday :-)

my memory might be a bit blurry...

but I swear I have exchanged emails with that Chongged site quite a while ago...and I think I talked to the author of that article a while ago over the phone (scratch that on the article guy...someone else had a really similar last name...Gmail has a better memory than I do). is trying to fight wiki spam by getting good page ranks for spammy keywords.

Don't we all :)

any remember "There are 600,426,974,379,824,381,952 ways to spell Viagra" ... hey look, he has affiliate ads on there

wonder how long would stay aff free if they ever did start ranking..


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