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Secrets of Firefox 1.0
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Many of you probably know this but here's a nice detailed post on getting deeper into the Firefox preferences that the normal menu will allow. The one i've been fond of for a while is turning off the referer headers :)

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Nick you're a star!

Nick, you've just pointed to a link which has probably solved my biggest bugbear by far with Firefox: its persistent memory leak eating up my precious RAM, meaning that I have to restart the browser several times a day. I've limited the cache memory to 16Mb, which should keep things in check (assuming all works as intended).

The article talks about the Windows version exclusively, but under Linux, a lot of the tips are valid too.


This will (apparently) seriously speed up firefox: hacking firefox



Not apparently, does!

It does seem faster..

doesnt it?

But how do you tell for sure when you already have a high speed dsl?

I surfed around SEW a bit last night and that certainly seemed faster and i guess it's cos of the added threading? SEW makes so many damn network connections it's painful but it did *seem* improved last night...


I'm on dailup (don't ask) so I can see a Huuuuuuge difference.

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