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I gave these guys a rough ride a few days ago for forum spamming. I've been taking a peek at the product and some of the threads and decided to give them a break ;-)

We all want links and finding link partners can be a harrowing task, once found we have to worry about neighborhoods, about reciprocal or three way, are we getting our money's worth etc etc...

There are and have been a few attempts at creating link exchanges and most just fade into obscurity. may very well go the same way but i've not seen anything cause this much forum activity in some time.

I invited the owner of LinkitForward to come have his say on 3 main points:

  1. What's the story with the amateur forum spammers?
  2. What is concept behind LinkitForward and
  3. How the project is going so far

If you want to ask questions, take the forum thread above or ask balthazar [insert real name here heh..] here...


Looks like another great big 'Red Herring' to me

Like all managed link building schemes it is likely to be monitored by those SE's using link popularity.

Having read it through, it appears that there is no 'signature' code on your site which does increase its appeal over most of the competitor products.

Sod this...

Seeing as the Lazy MF hasnt had the good grace to turn up as promised i'l take it off the home page list..

yes SOD the linkitforward sys

yes SOD the linkitforward system using a special spider and page scans picks up your backlink. No one can tell if you are a link it forward member!

Thanks Abram

Thats great! - was hoping you might still turn up ;-)

If people are blasting you on forums, here's some thoughts just off the top of my head:

1. Get the sys finished (ie alert sys) b4 you do any more marketing.
2. Offer a money back trial. Or a 'almost nothing' 2wk trial. If people feel less committed, then you already have an enormous forum presense out there (bad or good dont matter) so you could really capitalize on that by letting people get their feet wet for a nominal fee, with a view to renewing/starting their account at top rate.

The 2nd point is a bricks and mortar approach we recently tried at my mums furniture store. she offers 30day money back garuntee no questions asked. Has never had anything returned (been running since april i think..) and punters love it. They dont feel comitted, so they part with the cash with much more confidence.

Sales increased by about 20%

Finally here

Well thanks for the Lazy MF comment. I will let it slide.
Actually I have been more busy then expected. I planned to do some agressive marketing and work with other SEO's. However I have gotten so many emails and info requests that it has taken most of my development and marketing time. In fact I had to hire others just to handle support (part time of course) as linkitforward grows.

Ok to answer some questions #1...amature posters going forum crazy right?

First off if you take a look at many of the forums I am trying to trace them down. Reply in an honest way. All though I do not see them with the same email I know they are linkitforward members who are trying to obtain backlinks by gettting more people to signup. I emailed them and told em to let linkitforward do the marketing and try not to spam. In fact if you look at the ozzu webmaster forum you see how I comment directly at that. I can't stop it.

I have noticed that the response to the program is always negative. Every time it get's a mention the first thing a webmaster or SEO does is fling their nose at it. That is fine with me but my comment is to those who hit the site...go to pricing and then say c-ya. The obviously have not read or seen how the system works.

#2 Concept: 6 months ago I paid over $1000 for a 1 way link from a high PR site. (PR8) not bad right? the links ran site wide. Not more than 15 days later the PR dropped om that site to a 5. I called the owner and instead of a refund or discount he put my link on 1 or 2 smaller non relavent sites. I did not pay for the next month after that. So feeling burned I went and bidded on what I though was a good set of links from several websites. After winning the $400 bid I was sad to see that I was placed on 5 websites that get 0 traffic and were obviously built just to sell links on. That is fine since I did get those links counted as backlinks...but the next month the links were dropped and I had no chance or option to renew. Every email that I sent out requesting a backlink always required a link back. and usually I got a link that was burried deep within a site.

I figured that a better way to get 1 way links was out there. I had noticed several email type systems for link exchanges. They seemed slow and did not give the user any chance to choose were to get links from. I started building linkitforward from the concept of payitforward. I wanted to create a way to give SEO's a chance to get the same return as a link auction only not have them cost 1000's per month. Plus they had the option to view and pick who they wanted links from. The concept is quite simple.

If you have a website you cna offer anyone (who asks and is approved) the ability to place links on your site. Based on the quality /traffic/PR/link ect of your site you are given credits for that link.

Then you can use those credit to sort of "go shopping" for other links. You can seach for relative or just links you think that may boost PR, or give you good traffic. Once you use up your credits you must offer another on on your site.

The nice part is it only costs $50 for two domains. I figure you can get 20-30 good 1 way backlinks for much more than that. Plus it is continual. So you never have to renew or re-request links every month.

#3. SO SO... I need more of me. unfortunatally many early members have suffered because of my lack of time in handling issues questions and comments. Good due to some of the feed back but if 1 or 2 members gets upset they have an open door to let me have it on the forums. 90% of the exisitng members are trading just fine. I am getting several signups everyday. The hard part is a notification system that I am trying to get done. I want everyone to be able to communicate.
I am not trying to have this make me rich or make this my sole business. My goal is to make as easy as possible for webmasters and SEO's to get 1 way links exchanged and save cash, and time. Think of how much time it takes to search, email and confirm link exchanges. This site brings it all together. Plus it also has a fully working link management system included.

Hope that solves some questions. Please blast me with more.

Abram Cookson

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