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Msn Desktop Search Live
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Msn has got their sights directly targetting Google on this one. Havn't managed to give it a go yet because download seems down atm.

Find anything on your computer
Documents, photos, music and more!
Find email messages in seconds

From Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express
Try the new MSN Search

Search the web smarter and better
Block those annoying pop-ups

Surf without interruptions
Fill out forms online F

Fill out forms and web site passwords in one click

Added: Official Announcement
David Dawson, the group program manager for MSN Desktop Search just blogged the official announcement.

Added: More.. blog coverage
Charline Li and Gary Price have just put out reports including additional information and a link to the press release - Ok, that's it for updates, im sure the rest of the search blogs will follow shortly, but this is old news to Threadwatchers now :)



Well caught XC, Mary Jo Foley has some nice links on msn desktop search beta that are worth a peek also.

Is this going to ship pre-installed in IE7?

It's good to be a default.

Sure must be nice to be the default standard. Think this will ship with the next SP?

Gotta love that nice tight OS integration.

My thoughts..

After a brief trial of the new Msn Toolbar Suit Beta here are my views:

The Good:

Shows in realtime how many items are being indexed
Faster than Google indexing
Easy switching between searching for say all files then limit it photos as it keeps your current search
Fast searching (takes the piss out of normal windows search)
Ability to index more than Google Desktop Search
Nice structuring of results

The Bad:

Only works in Internet Explorer (I'm a firefox junkie)
Adds a IE toolbar taking up browsing spaces (however this can be disabled)
Original indexing can be a pain as is intermittently pauses for no reason (tried on 3 pc's and all does the same)
Takes alot of system resources when Indexing
It embeds itself very deep in the system like most Microsoft products so if this dies it most likely take IE and others with it.
Dosn't embed itself into the web version like Google

Ok after all that am I actually going to use it? Ok I'm not one for praising Microsoft products but this makes a change I think I prefer this over the Google BUT I will not use it because I cannot use Firefox with it, and because it's Microsoft it's not likely going to add Firefox functionality any time soon :(

The case of security is still up in the air also, you no doubt have heard all the security woes with Google Desktop Search which is why I've holded off using that tool also. But with the reputation of Microsoft and Security no doubt this will be full of holes ready to be exploited.

Will the perfect Desktop Search come With Yahoo when they release their version which is based on X-1 which is due for beta release in January? I can only hope so.

It hurts to say it, but....

I have been using X-1

I prefer the Microsoft desktop search

Works well and seems less obtrusive.

Right, off to buy some mouthwash....

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