Adwords Forums and things that make you go HMMM....


While I'd love to see this new "adwords quality adjustment" get chalked up to a "bad data push" I think we may see a few adjustments but it's here to stay and we've got to find a way to work around it.

One interesting thing to look at is the amount of activity going on in the WMW Adwords Forum there are a dozen threads about the quality score with the largest having over 180 posts. The Search Engine Watch Adwords forum looks like a ghost town compared to WMW. And Digital Point Adwords Forum has some activity but less than WMW. So what conclusions can one draw, Looks like the WMW folks are playing much closer to the edge and as a result suffered more "collateral damage", Digital Point seems less on the edge but still with a some "aggresive" players and SEW seems unfazed. Danny's mentioned this type of divergant indicator before (see MIssing pages in Big Daddy) and I think it's related to the answer to the puzzle.

I spent some time looking over ads that didn't get "shut off for quality" and am looking for commonalities on those landing pages that were still running. I've got some working theories I'm testing but nothing concrete. Algo busting was never supposed to be part of PPC but may be time to start using that skillset again.


PPC was simple in the old

PPC was simple in the old days, indeed. I am glad I do not base the gross of my income on PPC and-or arbitrage. I have enough on my mind with the organic results problems.

Sorry to Say it, BUT

As an SEO that has never run a serious Google Adwords campaign I am just loving this. When PPC came along I really thought it was the 'ducks nuts' (not guts Chris_D) however after consulting my mentor (Dad) I realised it was not all it was cracked up to be. Years later it's nice to see Google Ads finally breaking up.

Let's hope less businesses flock to PPC and ramp up their SEO, and the one's on the edge finally move across and get into the SERP's.

It'd be nice to see adcents go up too ;-)

Maybe the reason for the lack of discussion is

because its just not had any effect on most people. I certainly have not seen any effect yet.

PPC, SEO, PFI what now.... LPO?

PPC, SEO, PFI what now.... LPO?

(Landing Page Optimisation)

It's interesting to watch

It's interesting to watch from an Adsense perspective too. Some clicks have gone way up while others that I would have expected to have risen are still paying just a few cents.


I guess the people at SEW are a little more stoic about the Quality stuff.... there were articles about the kids being hired for $10-20 an hour about a year ago.

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