Threadwatch Ihelpyou Appeal: Bring Back the Avatar Doug!

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Doug's new picture is imminent
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I can hardly contain the excitement.

Nick W: sorry for the edit, thought you might like a little friday fun though ;-)



Well I for one wouldnt part with copy I have on a secret private 007 ***** hat forum in depths of cyberspace for the world....

I do hope he puts a little sparkle on his teeth [gleam!]



I'm sure looking forward to it.

False alarm

Sorry people the alert is over.

Hard as it is to believe Doug made a mistake, he said "just have taken one" but meant "Have not taken one yet".


lil title tweak ;-)

I feel an adwords campaign...

...whould be the right thing to do

> Ihelpyou Appeal: Bring Back the Avatar

I pledge $100

Just so everyone knows what w

Just so everyone knows what we're talking about I hotlinked to it, that's not illegal is it? LoL...

Is that image trademarked?

future profiting off of a face of the other
I hope you do not put ads or commercial products on the site... ;-)

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