Troll, LinkBait or Concern?


JasonD here

One of the jobs of being an Ed here at TW is popping in to the holding wing and seeing what posts have been submitted. Some are out and out anonymous spam. Some Scaredy Cat, has a penchant for short multiple ring tone spam at the moment but overall most (almost all) posts get through.

This is one of those ones I don't know if it is LinkBait, a good old fashioned troll or simple spam? I will say that for every mention of Google, you could easily change it to Microsoft, Yahoo, Ebay, MySpace or pretty much any internet property out there.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on this anon post - Spam, Troll or simple linkbait and either way do you think some of the points are valid?


As innocent as a Child

When search engines thronged the web initially, it appeared to be a boon. An instant solution to your query, an all answered wonder box. But then like the innocent child who grew up to be a villain, search engine operations found an easy way round to shape their duties. The magic box no longer remains the innocent guide on your voyage to find out the solutions. There were more that they could afford to do. And why not when that meant hella lot of money? So that’s how Google started and has progressed to be an all inclusive, brilliant player unmatched even for the most tech savvy netizens.

So what could a fraud probably mean? A step ahead in the world of riches? That’s not insensible, but the way you trot could prove to be much offensive for the rest. The accusations against Google are plenty: That it makes money when a click fraud occurs, that it helps correct very little of these frauds, that a manipulated content could spoil the search of a genuine seeker yet none tries to correct and so on. When that appeared as the outline of the trouble, it was found that what happens inside the huge corporate is more enigmatic than the visible facts outside. It seems that sections of the population, working for Google are tamed and famed in small peer groups with just their boss to be reported to and having little care for the outside world.

Resurrection into a beast

From then on what the close observers of this search engine saw was a move from the vain attempts to making a few bucks to broader and better attempts at the same. Here is where the trouble starts. Is Google biased in any way? The conservatives say that they feel that Google operations are biased to the Left. Some say that it could indeed be possible that Goggle has become the carrier of information to the concerned government authorities. A serious hypocrisy indeed!

A revelation in this case is Google’s operation in China where a search for any hot topic in politics would land you with a pro Chinese government result. There wouldn’t be information on Tiananmen where the citizens are justified. Such a ‘Government Censored’ version of the search engine is justified by Google which says that “this indeed has been done as a trade off for greater information to the Chinese”. So if that’s the way to increase the freedom of information, it seems fine but what if the possibility is considered that Google has turned itself into a spy of the Chinese government? Sounds trouble isn’t it? That’s for Google to face and that’s when a search engine could turn real nasty.

I stumbled across the site and found something for the webmasters to rely upon; fighting against the supreme monopoly of the search engines.


Got a similar spiel

Got a similar spiel submitted via a contact form, from my website today.

I would like to draw your attention to the smoldering issue of search engine spam and click fraud being used to the advantage of search engines and the inaction by them in dealing with it. is a venture created to act as a podium to fight against the fallacies of search engines and bring the internet community on a common pedestal to raise our voice against the ongoing exploitations.
etc etc etc

What I thought was most interesting was the 'about us' on their website really said very little about who's actually behind this; and a whois on the domain was even less enlightening....


I've already killed another post today that pointed at that site. It didn't have that ring of 'text-inserted-at-end-of-email-to-get-past-spam-assasin' feel, but it was definitely a linkdrop, plain and simple.

I got this message too. It's

I got this message too. It's not linkbait at all. It's stupidity and spam at it's best.

OK so we are pretty much

OK so we are pretty much sure it's LinkBait but do you think any of the points are valid ?

No, it's complete crap, says

No, it's complete crap, says nothing. 'Some say Google is left-biased, some say Google works for Uncle Sam, is Google spying for China?' Do they have a moon-base? Do Google have a team of monkeys with anonymised IPs clicking away at Adsense ads in a secret room twenty floors below sea level? A serious hypocrisy indeed!

My life is measurably diminished for having read that chaff.

Haha, must you ask? The

Haha, must you ask? The overdramatic tone of it is enough to make you wonder.

Registered on Godaddy. Report it and he will have to pay $200 to get his domain back :)

100% Pure Spam

This crap is starting to creep up on CraigsList as well.

Spam is getting intellectual.

It's a link drop or spam or

It's a link drop or spam or whathaveyou. But some of the points are valid to some degree: Google has more market share than is healthy, click-fraud is a problem, operating in China is a problem, lack of true compettition is a problem etc. Gee, they sound like me! :D

Still it's spam.

None of the above

It was thread bait: He wanted you to start a thread about submissions from scaredy cats.

Personally, I think scaredy cats are often discriminated against. And I'm looking for new ways to discriminate against them.

FYI - dave told me to come

FYI - dave told me to come in here to post about something I'm working on... I did... previewed everything several times, dotting "I's", etc... hit submit, went to the index page and waited.... and waited... and finally wrote him yesterday and he said he saw no evidence it ever was submitted. This time, he told me to run it by aaron so he knew too, then resubmit (which I just did) confirmed with an email to aaron (before and afterwards) and then copied the post to the feedback form just to make sure this one got through... even AIMed dave 2x about it. basically, a bunch of extra effort and time was expended to make sure you got the story because the script apparently doesn't like me. If I wouldn't have followed up on it, I think it would have been lost, and if I wasnt friends with dave, I would have thought you didnt think it was news worthy. Not good.

so this is just yet another heads up then: More inbound intellectual spam coming your way:)

boy, you guys are quick...

boy, you guys are quick... much appreciated:)

I couldn't even get through

I couldn't even get through the first paragraph. It was such fluff.


Why do you post shit like this? Please opt for less posts and higher quality.

the fuckers...

Just email spammed me .. that has pissed me off ..


the scumbag email spammed me

the scumbag email spammed me 6 times, hit the comments on many other seo blogs, and also hit up a few discussion lists I checked.

delete the thread!

They're evil spammers. Delete this thread so as not to give them the attention they're seeking. You know they love this shit...

Just email spammed me ..

Just email spammed me .. that has pissed me off ..

Where's that rocket launcher when you need it right ?

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