Yahoo's New Ad Platform Delayed, Again


Yahoo's stock is down over 12%, at fresh 52 week lows, after Yahoo missed the number, and Semel stated that the new ad platform is being delayed to Q4.



more attractive to MSFT as the price drops. Yahoo's exec's are sucking the life out of the company in the way of stock compensation. These excesses will be halted under the MSFT regime as part of the wording in the contract IMO.
Anyone think the new ad platform delay is timed for after the buyout/merger?


There is no way Microsoft is buying Yahoo!. I mean the stories are cute and all in the blog world, but that isn't reality. Yahoo! is way too overpriced and would really not add enough to Microsoft to be worth it.

I don't know. Microsoft

I don't know. Microsoft could use Yahoo!'s content and business partnerships (outside of the clickfraud syndication).

Yahoo! leads in many of the fields they are in (including general overall pageviews). If Microsoft wanted to create a serious threat to Google's ad model they could use all that pure internal content to build a quality network.

I think the thing that would stop a merger wouldn't be a price issue, but maybe an executive level ego issue.

After Yahoo!'s recent stock price drop they are worth roughly $40 billion, which is about the same amount as eBay, and there were rumors about MSFT being interested in them too.

Yahoo Shares Slip on Glum Outlook

BBC report gloomy outlook for Yahoo

Yahoo has warned of lower growth in 2006 and postponed a new advertising system, sending shares tumbling 13% in after-hours trading.
The firm said it would delay upgrading its web search advertising system from the third to the fourth quarter.

It is the regular tale of SEs being expected to meet high grow, but not growing as much as the market hoped. Whether Yahoo is in real trouble is somewhat more difficult to say!

Investor sentiment... still out-of-whack with old school investing reality.



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