Yahoo's Stock takes a dump


Shares of Yahoo Inc. plummeted to a new 52-week low because they can't keep up with pushing out more beta products like Google.

It's like Google set this new standard that everyone now has to match.

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Google Has 'Em On The Run

I think these guys are just waking up to the power of the Google.

I don't have a WSJ account but I just read this on an investment blog:

According to the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) has reportedly held discussions to buy a stake in Yahoo Inc., portraying yet again how Microsoft is slipping to successfully compete against Google Inc.

And Google makes it look so easy.

Maybe Yahoo should calm down

Maybe Yahoo should calm down and not try to do the same.

Susan Decker

CFO of Yahoo on CNBC this morning was obviously irritated by the hard questioning by the financial news channel's anchors. She was out of character. In the past she came off as informed and confident but this morning she came off as angry with a dose of arrogance. Maybe she was really just pissed that she lost millions on paper at the market open but I don't think that was it.
I think they are clearly frustrated at getting their butts kicked by Google. The frustration is spilling over into public view now.


a CNBC analyst recapped his discussion with Decker. the analyst specifically mentioned that yahoo doesn't want to talk about sequential increases in ad revenue (apparently they're playing their cards pretty close to their chest when giving Q2 numbers to compare to Q1 numbers) and instead are focusing on improvements year-over-year. this makes wall street think that perhaps their ad revenues aren't increasing as much as google's, which raises the spectre that yahoo is losing market share to google, etc.

that's a TWO YEAR low

according to Forbes.

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