Big Drops on Yahoo! ?


Some discussion on DigitalPoint about significant changes in Yahoo! - drops in both rankings and indexed links: Stupid Yahoo.

Funnily enough, I've got a clean reference site with a load of edu and gov links, but Yahoo! traffic is almost non-existent at present.

An "anti-spam" measure, or "bad data push"?


on initial inspection (and

on initial inspection (and remember this is post Sunday lunch and the associated bottles of red wine that go with it) that legitish link spam aint worth much at the moment in Y (directory submissions, articles etc) but "No Follow" enabled blog links are doing the business in full effect.

Definate Bad Data Push :p

by that same rationale wont

by that same rationale wont there also be large increase in rankings for some people. :-)

indeed :D

On my specific topic

I rank #1 on Google, MSN, ASK and all the smaller engines. For some reason Yahoo has awarded the top spot to a site that has very little to do with my category.

Yeah, but it's probably time...

Some of my sites dropped as well, but really, isn't it about time? I mean, Yahoo's 'formula' has been pretty stagnant for some time.

On the other hand, I have been finding that the top results certainly aren't as relevant with this formula - but what can you do? Hopefully they'll play with it a bit more.

Yahoo!'s formula may not

Yahoo!'s formula may not have been the best, but I'd actually moved from using Google regularly to using Yahoo! search. And the results are frankly crap. Whatever Yahoo! just did, has made their search relevancy a heck of a lot worse. Will have to start using Google more frequently again, I think, even though I think they've lost a lot of relevance too over the past couple of years. Seems search engines are in a race to give the least relevant results.


I guess if I got 5 less referells a day from Yahoo that would be about a 10% drop, compare that with the number from Google (50X) and I could care less.

hey Johnweb

Good for you and your Google riches, but what happens to you when Google shuts the faucet?


JohnA. Google is a cruel mistress. She can turn on you in an instant. When she treats you well, you have to enjoy it, but never become dependant on her, as she can go away without warning. When she does leave, you have no recourse to her, she won't listen, she won't even hear your pleas. All relationships must end, by death or divorce, but they are all worth it in the end. Having a relationship with Google is no different.

Spam Hunt

I can confirm that Yahoo is doling out handjobs on what they percieve to be spam. This is happening on an individual basis and on what they think are networks.

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