Yahoo! Social Search vs Google Techno Search - Place Your Bets

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A new hiring at Y! Inc - Database guru to run Yahoo social search research

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Yahoo Inc., said on Monday named a top academic database expert to head its research team studying links between computer and human-aided Web search.

Yahoo hired Raghu Ramakrishnan, 45, as vice president and Yahoo research fellow in charge of defining the strategy behind Yahoo's "social search" system, based on his expertise in databases, data-mining and privacy-preserving technologies.

And this is the plan:

"At Yahoo you have this unique opportunity to integrate conventional search with Flickr,, Yahoo Answers, Yahoo Groups and Yahoo Mail," Ramakrishnan said, listing Yahoo's services that center on human contributions. "How do you take all this search activity and learn from it?"

Sounds ghastly to me, but then I'm not a young person.

So. Where's your money? Google 'the algo is everything', or Y! analysing the meritocracy?

Social search -- a broad effort to enhance computerized Web- search tools with insights gained from mining the collective knowledge of its users -- is the linchpin of Yahoo's strategy to compete with rival Google Inc., which has focused heavily on advances in computerized search.


Compared this to Barbie Franciso

Excellent post. Interestingly on the same day, Barbi Francisco of MarketWatch mentioned:
"[M]arketers will increasingly take someone's search history or search behavior, and use that information to target ads on social network pages they browse."

She neglects that one search company, Yahoo, is also becoming full-fledged social media company.

I think we should expect similar movements on MySpace, Hi5 etc - where social media sites mine for better behavioral marketing.

See my thoughts here:

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