UK Microsoft adCenter public opening mid August


A little MSN birdie told me that Microsoft adCenter will open to the general UK advertising public mid-August. This is earlier than I had previously heard.

Can anyone confirm that they have the same timelines?


I also heard something

I also heard something similar from some one inside MSN.

Good news all around :)

Good news all around :)

this is where we all rush to

this is where we all rush to upload 1000's of keywords before the market reaches it's true value.
I think it is worth noting that this'll be pure MSN traffic so unlike Yahoo we will not have a network of partners to dilute the quality.

What is the bet that Yahoo have struck a few new partner deals and they have the press release loaded in to the fax machine ready to go as soon as Microsoft make their announcement.

The Numbers

Well, all I can say is they had better get the numbers correct before they go opening this thing up more. A little birdie told me that the clicks they're reporting don't reflect the actual clicks that are being delivered to web sites.

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