Google Scraping Reviews for Froogle

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Froogle turns to Web for product reviews
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Apparently Google are scraping reviews on consumer electronics items from "around the web" according to the cnet story threadlinked above.

When i had a look, it appears that they show one review, but you get an option to "see all reviews by insert review site name" which leads to the review site itself..

The service, which is similar to the company's aggregated site for news around the Web, highlights Google's ambition to bring more content to its own site with the use of its "spidering" technology.

Company representatives did not immediately respond to requests for comment.


they have been doing that sin

they have been doing that since October.


How come cnet and eweek and lowdown are all reporting it today?

that dont make no sense! - taken OFF the homepage, thahks seobook :)

>How come cnet and eweek and

>How come cnet and eweek and lowdown are all reporting it today?

Froogle just sent out an update email today...anywho somehow the info was out in October too...I think in last newsletter froogle sent out they mentioned it too.

with ya

thanks for that...

and now...

BACK on the homepage heh... as we find out that it was merchant reviews they did in Oct not customer reviews...

I hosed ya there Nick :( I

I hosed ya there Nick :(

I saw the scraping reviews and for some reason I thought of the merchant reviews...I think they just started adding the product ones now. my bad :(

No worries

Hardly news of the year anyway :)

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