Dave Naylor & Jason Duke talk Hilltop and LocalScore Algos

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Jason Duke
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DaveN posts over at his new blog threadlinked above on the Hilltop algo and LocalScore according to JasonD - A worthwhile short read, here's a snippet:

New Google Ranking Formula = {(1-d)+a (RS)} * {(1-e)+b (PR * fb)} * {(1-f)+c (LS)}

Like the old algo there are damping factors in place and again what we don’t know what they are so once again I haven’t included them in my plain English example, just leaving factors we can work with and can deliver and/or register.

The Hilltop algo adds to the old Algo by giving a further multiplier, the LocalScore Rank (LS)

Note, although Jason says in the comments, "check my other articles" i cant find a link to them on his site?


Who's Justin?


Though I've been called a lot worse. With a second name of Duke I am regularly sent junk mail (snail not spam, at least that's anon or accurateish) to Puke and Dyke!

Articles can be seen at http://www.seopapers.com/view_author.php/28 or my rarely updated blog at http://www.logicdiary.com/2004/03/website-families-and-their-death-in.html and http://www.logicdiary.com/2004/03/hilltop-in-plain-english.html

About time I gave it an overhaul anyway !


about the name cock up heh...

Thanks for the links Jason - good stuff

Genetic hilltop cleansing eh

Very eloquent writing that man! Even a moron like me can understand matters when they are expressed as J did and that’s frightening. Nice work J

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