Google Launches Open Source Hosting

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Google Code Project Hosting has launched, as announced this last week at OSCON.

I wonder if Google's interest in supporting the open source community will extend to reinstating the O'Reilly network sites' ability to transfer PageRank via links, which was earlier revoked?


This is a great move

I think this is great. I just created a project, although I won't release code for another couple days to a couple of weeks depending on how development continues. I'm finally getting use to CVS however, and their code management is subversion.

I'm not super keen on sourceforge's discussion or bug reporting interfaces - they are slow and painful to use from an end user perspective. Google uses google groups for discussion and a new custom bug tracking system. It also looks like you host your own downloads outside of the svn system - I hope that will change. Not much of a problem for a small program, but a 14mb program that gets popular could find itself in need of hosting quickly.

I'll find out more as I upload code, but the interface seems clean and simple. A little feature-dry, but I imagine that will change as the project gains popularity and feedback is collected.

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