Cameroon Launches Major Typo Campaign


try these:

didn't network solutions learn the first time around..oh wait..
not sure if i should be reporting this or buying these domains in bulk..i mistype the o in .com all the time..too bad the registration process involves mailing/faxing in your is available



Not cheap

They look pretty expensive to be bulk buying anyway:

170euro ($218) for setup and 93euro ($119) annual renewal fee

Trademarked domains

Wouldn't ICANN just make you hand over any domains covered by trademark anyway? And how many domains worth $119 a year aren't covered by a trademark?

nouns and verbs

Lots of nouns and verbs. doesn't seem to be taken for example. Aff. stuff on that would seem likely to pay for itself.

I guess Columbia is .co and

I guess Columbia is .co and Oman is .om.

I had the olympic committee

I had the olympic committee call me up one time and ask politely to give back one of their domains... it was something like '' or something along those line (I cant honestly remember now.) I remember being like "you trademarked 'winter games'? Isn't that a little much? I mean winter olympics is one thing, but winter *games*???"

...But they assured me they'd sue me stupid over it so after I got them to write me a nice note explaining they would forever hold me harmless, I turned it over to them...

it would have been good

I'm not sure how they "assured you" they'd "sue you stupid" but if you could have gotten them to put that in writing, I know at least one lawyer that would have gone orgasmic at the opportunities that presents.

Sue Grabit & Runne Solicitors UK

I just took possesion of a .com after registering the trade mark. I assured them that I'd sue them stupid if they didnt release it to me. All parties concerned were lawyers. I reeled them in without a struggle.

I wasn't feeling too

I wasn't feeling too litigious at the time... I originally was living in UT and had a biz I was going to promote with it for the olympic push but I opted for something more specific to me instead of going big and general... so after a few phone calls I simply let it go... the olympic committee has teams of lawyers to manage teams of lawyers so since we were only a couple months away from the big show and everything was going as planned on my end, and I was just going to expire the thing anyway, I didnt want to pay my lawyers to write their lawyers love letters....

Sue them stupid

"I know at least one lawyer that would have gone orgasmic at the opportunities that presents."

I know a lot of lawyers who would go orgasmic if you were prepared to pay them $400 an hour from now to the end of time. I don't know too many lawyers who go orgasmic over contingency cases unless 90% of your body is covered in burn scars directly attributable to a screw up by a Fortune 100 corporation. Litigation is pretty much always a lose-lose situation for the clients.

Not So

I'm a lawyer and I use lawyers. I'm quite litigious. Never paid a bean yet to any of them. You just gotta pick your target very carefully.

>Not So

>Not So
heehheeh spoken like a true lawyer:) hey, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bring this one off topic... but let's not argue about 'lawyers' because even if you are one, no one here is on the clock. In my case, I was wrong. In my little caveman brain I couldnt possibly see how something as generic as the 'winter games' could be tradmarked because I was thinking who's to say the 'games' wasn't a snowball fight in my backyard? Apparently the Olympic Committee, that's who:) anyway...

> [...] that would seem likely to pay for itself.
I bought and turned around and sold it for a quick grand so I bet would be WELL worth the money they are asking., I wouldn't touch... unless it came with the Olympic Committee's legal team:) THEN I might try to 302 it back at the .com version so that all the PR and back-links associated with THEM was somehow transposed over to the non www version of my site, which then, in turn, would confuse google into thinking that I was actually running 2 different sites, causing them to eject all of us out of the database, necessitating a re-inclusion request and possibly a DMCA filing, which, you guessed it, would be handled by my lawyers...

Question about the .cm registry

Enough lawyer talk. If I wanted to talk law, I would still be practicing law. If nonlawyers read all this and think that good lawyers normally work without getting a sizeable retainer up front or that extended litigation is a fun time for all concerned, that's not my problem. (I appreciate the ingenuity of registering a trademark and threatening the pre-existing domain holder with litigation if he doesn't hand it over - don't know that it would improve your good karma score, but I can see it getting you the domain if you pick your target well.)

Here's my question: how can you tell which .cm domains are taken and which available? Do I have to call Cameroon and talk with the same guy I am already dealing with in getting his late uncle's Swiss bank account full of embezzled funds released to our joint custody?

Uh, oh. Don't go there. Porn ahead.

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