Finger trackball for power readers

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Finger trackball for power readers
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I have 2, just ordered another one for a gift.

It's different, but not too hard to become accustomed to the feel. Less of a curve than I expected.

Not top pricey, so you won't feel badly if you decide to toss it.


Standard browsing

Are they good for standard browsing/posting?

I've been looking for an alternative to my default logitech mx whatsit that came with the keyboard...

not good if your typing much

not good if your typing much WHILE browsing, as it's hand-held and cumbersome to put down / pick up.

but if you're reading, bookmarking, etc in sessions (as many of us do) it allows for more comfortable positions than a mouse.

also good for laptop browsing especially if your laptop is, well, in your lap.


I'd ideally like a more intelligent way of browsing without ever touching the mouse. At present, tabbing through all the links to get to the one you want just wont do it for me...

As a linux guy, im averse to anything that uses a mouse for my programming/email/writing stuff - it's only browsing that requires the mouse and that really annoys the hell out of me..

I tried voice commands once a

I tried voice commands once about 18 months ago. I hated the posting part, but the one thing it did really well was browse. That would have been w/ IE though --not sure if Dragon works w/ FF.

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