shoemoney gives good tips on security for SES


shoemoney coming fresh off of the defcon security conference gives great advice to those about to goto the search engines strategies conference here


just read a big article in

just read a big article in macworld that basically said the same thing, except, of course, it was targeted at mac users, who usually think they are exempt from this type of thing... no longer, apparently.

Personally, I have the utmost respect for how powerful hackers are. That said, I also think they are all common thieves, with no honor, and they are all complete and utter losers, no exceptions...

every year

Every year more regular people attend DEFcon. They even made Black Hat to accommodate the masses. And every year, more people are shocked at what the more capable among us can do. of course, the DEFcon people like to brag about stuff like getting kicked out of hotels, etc.

A few days ago I thought this was interesting not because DEFcon guys showed wi-fi can be used to take over a notebook remotely, but because the hacker tied it to the Mac because he didn't like the smugness of the Apple commercials. Just a bad attitude, and a whole PR mess is created for Apple (the hack was a general wi-fi card hack, and had nothing to do with the Mac).

yep, read that too. There

yep, read that too. There ARE mac specific hacks though and 4 known OSX viruses (compared to 80k on windows) athough they were more 'proof of concept' than 'in the wild' (and they were patched) but still...

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