Build Your Own Search Engine with Yahoo


With Yahoo! Search Builder you can create a custom Web search engine by selecting a set of trusted sites to search across or you can tune the search algorithm to the topic of your choice. Beyond Web search, Search Builder includes Site search and News search.
(you need a Yahoo ID)


on the final page they drop

on the final page they drop this link:
...which I hadn't seen before, but that isn't saying too much.

Does it use a different algorithm than normal search?

So if you create a custom search of your site and your competitors, then run some queries, you'll know how Yahoo views the differences among the sites?

"Easily add web search and

"Easily add web search and site search to your site"

A first .. Let me try that site search function .. If it's the same unbrandable version as Google's ... I'll just drop it.

I've done this for years


I have been doing this for *years*, both for long-term employers and on a contract basis for various clients. And I guess you can say mine is "brandable". AT least, my standalone PHP program exposes XSLT+XML so you can use what ever layout you want.

This client has since stopped being maintained by myself for several months now and thus there is a bug, but in this particular case it shows that I do, in fact, get the info from Yahoo...but whats' more, I have an MSN version as well :-))

[I sell it for just $25 if you're interested; nice config page and every thing :]

Just as customizable as Google's

You have control over the results page to the same degree Google's offering does...Stick your logo at the top of the page and choose the colors. No ability to add a header or footer or to truly make the results look like a part of your site.

Re: Just as customizable as Google's

Unlike mine :-)

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