New Ask Ad Targets Search Savvy


I've been seeing this around -- a new ad that targets the search savvy with quotes from hugely famous figures in the Search industry. Like Lisa Melvin, Lisa Barone, and David Kirkpatrick. Pics after the jump, cause nobody wants TW to look like a banner farm :) Effective?



Hey poster/admins:

Any way you could add a style="overflow: auto; width: 20em" to a <div> containing those ads?

Like this:


>search savvy


Yeah, maybe for the .000003% of the population that is moderately search savvy. Then again, maybe just the posers 'cause I don't know anyone in search that listens to "hugely famous figures" within the industry. Those guys don't tell you jack.

NFFC & I think the AOL data goes a long way in proving one thing; that the masses aren't savvy.

It's Friday ...

the masses aren't savvy

.... cm'on, pathetically low level of vitriol there ... way too much restraint.

polite restraint

the actual term bandied about was "dumb as rocks"

I wonder what comments others might "offer"?

How about:

"I love ask, but there's no real traffic"


they would have better success if they employed real celebrity endorsers like Sylvester Stallone, Mia Hamm, Tom Hanks or The Doobie Brothers band.

hugely famous

Nobody in the search industry is "hugely famous."

Hmm - maybe ads like..

"We don't track user searches"


"We don't steal bookmark data from your favourite browser"

..would work somewhat better :)

It's an interesting way to

It's an interesting way to get your name out amongst SEO's though...if anything, it makes the 'tech savvy' put up threads like this one and talk about it.

Not a bad idea to get some links.


Where are they advertising? Where did you see these banners?

"Just ASK anyone, there's no

"Just ASK anyone, there's no traffic" by: everyone

slow news day

News Flash: AOL users are dumb as rocks. Film on YouTube at 11.

dumb as rocks ...

hey, that's an insult to my pet rock!

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