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Andy Hagans and I recently put together a bunch of link building strategies. Most TW regulars will already know most or all of them, but I promise at least a few of them will make you think or spit out your coffee.

What is your favorite way to build links? What is the craziest thing you have ever done to get a link?



Worth it

It's worth a read and a link to it, let's get it on page 1 for something.

Craziest thing about this? On an ecommerce site linked to the number 1 competitor who had tons of rank and authority already for the products I wanted to market. Since my site was new and had nothing to loose, made a bold claim for the cusotmer to compare prices in each and every (thousands) of product descriptions with a link right to their appropriate page. Before I did this I set my prices pretty high. Within two weeks, they had reciprocated with their own marketing strategy (t.i.c) to link to all of our pages, making the same claim. I let the spiders chew on that for a while, pulled my links, dropped the prices, and got a sudden boost in sales along with PR. Now that's baiting.

My Craziest Thing

A fellow I knew from a mailing list is an ultrarunner and three or four years ago he wanted to run in an obscure 100-mile race called The Barkley. The race organizer collects licence plates, and part of the "entry fee" was that runners had to bring a plate for his collection. My friend asked if I could help him out with a Canadian plate. I agreed, but said the price would be a link to my (then) new site from his home page.

At the time, one of my sons was renting a house on a farm that had some old sheds, and farmers sometimes patch holes in old sheds with old license plates. In the dead of winter my son trekked through the snow and was able to retrieve a 1950-something Saskatchewan licence plate that had a few nail holes.

My friend the runner had the most exotic plate of the event, and my reward was (still is) a link with perfect anchor text from a PR4 .edu page.

Good stuff!

Thanks for putting it together guys :) Just finished the first cuppa this morning in the office and the article was a very nice supplement in deed. Keep it up!

God I hate link building!

God I hate link building! ;-(


This is really well done.

Had to Sumo wrestle last

Had to Sumo wrestle last week, and lost, thus giving out valuable PageRank to some German spammer... :)

One word


I'm still trying to think of

I'm still trying to think of a crazy way to get links, but I'm not having a lot of luck. Maybe I'm just not crazy enough? Maybe some personalities are better at getting links than others?

Don't leave out the obvious

Don't leave out the obvious "threats of violence".

A few real suggestions:
Hoaxes work great.
Interactive industry event calendars are nice.



Tis easy..

Why not just pick a compeditor hunt the backlinks and politely explain your domain name has changed and why.


>Why not just pick a compeditor hunt the backlinks and politely explain your domain name has changed and why.

Man that is good!

"Man that is good!"

It happened to me, had the email exchange forwarded on to me so I could be sure. So, I went and bought the dot net version of his site and gave him a taste of his own medicine.

Went a little something like this:

Hi, Just writing to let you know that we redid our site and are now focusing on the .net version. Can you please update our link to reflect this change.



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