How Web Site Eyeball Studies Work & What You Can Learn From Them

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How Web Site Eyeball Studies Work & What You Can Learn From Them
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Fascinating article on how website eyeball studies work including usability tips from the folks who put the studies together.

Say you have 100,000 visitors in a day, and your analytics program tells you that 3% clicked on a specific link. You're still faced with a question: Given that people won't click on something they don’t see, what percentage of those 100,000 visitors even saw that link?

Very much worth a read.


Excellent follow-up to those

Excellent follow-up to those eyetrack reports a few months ago, Grn.

After those reports I noticed a few sites with left-column adsense skyscrapers ...what I also noticed was that I was very much bannerblind to them. OTOH, I continue to regularly pick up on adsense banners in the right column. So, there was obviously something amiss with 'pure' eyetracking, at least in my case. If you run a standard 3-col design and just flip the banner over to the left your design may still be right-handed.


If you're wondering which studies rcjordan is referring to, here's one of them:

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