50 Coolest Websites


Time has published their list of the 50 coolest websites of 2006.

They publish this list each year and it reflects the trend as to the websites of the moment, as perceived by the main stream media.

For the depressed try Cute Overload . If you want to search the web, apparently the "in" sites are

*Argali White & Yellow
*Seamless Web
*McAfee SiteAdvisor

Time has an editorial on these Search sites here


The shameful thing here is

The shameful thing here is that Kartoo & Trexy were left off the list... ;)

...and it seems to me that this is, as they stated, basically a flavor of the moment snapshot.

I ask, then, what's the point of putting out the list?

Someone should make a list

Where is the Top whatever List for SEO Information and Webmastering :)


phew! cute overload is just what ya need in the afternoon slump, I sent it to all my friends who should be working right now

was it just me?

There was a strong whiff of bullshit in that list. Some are worthwhile, for sure, but others seemed like they were given to the Times by Battelle & O'Reilly. How many damn times are we going to have that repeatedly-failed SNAP trotted by us?!? Stick a fork in that one, it's dead.

Outside the Content Box

That bloody cute overload is a great example of the shit people love. Amazing what shitty recycled content does to amuse people. Makes me feel sorry for all the content lovers pouring their heart and sole into some boring 26 step content site.

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