Forum Mayhem: Nick W gets a Kickin' at SEW

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WTF is Going on at SEW?
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Grab yer popcorn fight fans, yours truly is taking a hammering over at SEW :-)

The thread, started by me, was in complaint over an odd occurance with the user rep system. I took a hit, which in itself is no biggie as when i posted there regularly bad rep was an almost daily occurance aswell as good - some people like what i post, some dont - it's all good. The problem was more due to continued harrasment by one mod (which started when Threadwatch was born?)

Moving on from that, as it's not really the star of the show, have a read: The thread meanders all over the place, focusing mainly on SEW forum policy with intermittent sniping for my benefit.

Now, dont feel you have to take sides heh.. (in fact, have a pop here if you feel like it), this is just a heads up on a great thread that also includes a fair bit of pot shotting at renagade moderator Sebastian who had posted earlier taking a swipe at pretty much everything but highlighting what he sees as some burning problems with the SEW forum - when the mods start to rumble, it's worth paying attention to IMO - here's a quote:

sick of "me too" posts here at SEW. it's gettin' worse towards xmas and waaay worse after SES sessions

and from the threadlinked post:

it's crap. this place should be about search discussion. open and expressive. it was at launch. now a couple of entrepreneurial people have done well for themselves in this professional space and they dominate discussion.

if you spend so much time learning and researching and producing for clients, how can you be on SEW forums all day, every day???

Much of both posts have been <snip>'d out and i beleive he refered to WMW not SES but it's still a corker.

From the original threadlinked Nick takes a Kickin' post, rcjordan writes:

As for the 'reputation' crap --green dots, black dots, whatever-- IMO, BIG mistake from the git-go, as was the idea to give SEW loose guidance in the TOS. Forum communities that are 'business grade' aren't easy to do, it's easy to think that they're going to develop as nice, cordial meeting places but they simply do not.

What would I do? I'd tighten up on the TOS until only the business-class felt comfortable and I'd put in some bouncers to enforce it. Quit worrying about appeasing every member, you can't do it. You're going to run over some good ones, but it's a big rig and has to make wide turns --nothing you can do about that.

It really has become a bit of a sport watching the SEW policies develop, running a forum is not an easy task by any measure. FWIW, i've been hassling for a tightning of the entire system for a long while now aswell..

Unfortunately, i no longer have time to do much more than read and link to the good posts over there these days. Seems when i post it takes some days to firefight the enevitable backlash from certain quarters.

But, maybe im just a born troublemaker or the biggest troll in the industry, heh, check out both threads, they're a treat...

Added: 2 memorable posts from the thread are now deleted. Too bad, but then the whole thread is pretty weird i guess...


Entertaining, but..

...after watching the Charge of the Light Brigade, the Russian Commander praised the bravery the Light Brigade as did the French troops who had seen what happened, and the French commander commented "C'est magnifique, mais ce n'est pas la guerre"

Bit like that here, any forum that introduces little green dots is asking for trouble in the junior ranks, they will fight to the death over it..

..and what the heck have little green dots to do with professional discussions..

..wind them up and watch them go.

born troll maybe ;)

born troll maybe ;)


RC's comments are spot on

On a persoanl note I like Danny's approach it won't last - too time consuming but whilst it lasts :)

A tale of 2 kings...

There is a fable about 2 kings... one lenient and one harsh. As times changed, the lenient king found that he had to make unpopular decisions and his subjects felt betrayed and eventually beheaded him.

The other king started out with a hard line and used intimidation, fear, and examples to keep control of his kingdom. As things changed in his kingdom, he carefully allowed more freedoms and was quick to recall them if things went awry. He died an old man, much beloved by his subjects.

The point? It's tons easier to start with restrictions and lift them as needed than to take freedoms away after the members have become used to them. It's a mental thing- we don't like to feel deprived of things we had, but we appreciate being given more freedom and respect and knowing it could be rescinded at any time, we tend to value it more.

My .02

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