Sandbox: Can it be Detected by a Tool?

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Sandbox Detection Tool by SOCEngine
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Barry Schwartz over at seroundtable links to a tool that claims to detect whether or not a site has been "sandboxed" - see threadlink above for details.

Now, as far as i understand sandbox, it's pretty simple to see if your site is affected by it right? So, what is the point of a tool to do this for you?

I could be missing something, if so, please point out the obvious to me :-)


Didn't Name It...

But did you try it. It is more of a comparison tool, to show you versus your competitors. Of course if a site didn't come up for its obscure company name , that would be a good way to detect if your in the sandbox. :)


but I agree with RustyBrick, it is a comparison tool to your competitors.

It's definately getting bookmarked but overall I don't think it is a coded equivalent of a GPS system that can say whether you're in it or not.


So where is the value in comparing sandbox to your competitors? Fill me in, im still a bit lost heh...

Shouldnt you be able to tell if you and/or your competitors are sandboxed?

Nick, As You Said...

"Sandbox: Can it be Detected by a Tool?"

and then...

"Shouldnt you be able to tell if you and/or your competitors are sandboxed?"

So, its a new tool to look at competitors. He just named it a sandbox detection tool. But I think you're right "Sandbox: Can it be Detected by a Tool?"


Serious lack of sleep has been known to addle a mans mind :) 4/5am nights are the norm in the W houshold these days lol..

thanks Rusty!

A site can rank badly...

...either by "sandbox" (or whatever) or by "bad seo". I guess this tool is aimed at the thousands of seos-2-be who can't (yet) spot the difference. In that light: pretty useful.

I've read reports of people using the tool and getting a very low percentage, and still claiming they were s'boxed. I'm not the one to judge their SEO efforts, but they might be in a market so competitive that it's just too hard to beat...

P.S> I don't remember seeing the percentage explained first time I checked it out... Useful addition, rand!


If it's a tool for the kiddies then im sure Rand will be getting lots of nice incoming links to it....

Well it can't be entirely for the kiddies...

...because they'll be so disappointed they won't recommend it.

BTW - I think the tool is harsher now than before. Growing up maybe?

What the Tool Measures

Nick & Gang,

Thanks for the plug. The tool measures your position @ Google for a keyword phrase against your position at MSN Beta, Yahoo! & Google for the allin family of searches. It then normalizes results by taking the median/average of a lot of factors like age, PR, # of IBLs, etc. for the top 20 ranking sites @ Google and comparing them to your site.

So, if you are ranking well at Yahoo!, MSN & for the allins, and you have more links, higher PR, etc. than your average top ranked competitor, but you're still #90 in SERPs @ Google - you're sandboxed according to this tool.

Hope that helps to clear up the idea - it's nothing revolutionary, but it could help to save time as checking all that stuff manually is no fun.

Getting an Error

Managed to check it a bit few days ago but now I get a server error,
"manually is no fun" - I'll drink for that...

BTW - Thanks for the explanation, happy xmas you gentiles ;-)

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