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AdWords Exposed!
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I don't seem to be able to see this but Cory Kleinschmidt over at the Traffick post threadlinked above (among a whole bunch of others) can.

Here's a snippet from the post:

Unless my normally eagle eyes had been failing me, Google has quietly introduced a way to view all AdWords listings relating to your search by clicking a link titled "More >>" at the bottom of the first-page search results listings. Clicking the link displays a page of nothing but sponsored links, presumably all of the available AdWords advertisers for that keyword phrase.

At first *thought* this seems pretty cool to me, there are searches that just do NOT bring up good results but do bring up great adwords.

Kinda Related: How long as the "search within results" feature been on the bottom of the Google SERPS? Whilst looking for the "more" link i saw that for the first time today and dont remember hearing about it...?

Opinions on More Adwords?



But it says they are sponsored listings, not adwords?

Im not hot on ppc, am i missing something andy?



Same same - you're not missing anything mate.


but you can see what viewers from other countries will see thanks to &gl=

On the main SERPs this only seemed to work when gl=us but on some quick tests it worked fine with za, au, ca, uk, and us.

I tried .fr and .de but it came back with no ads. This probably means it is working as it is an English word I tested with but being the ignoramous I am I don't know any other languages!

Update. I used some international words and it works fine!

Downside is that yet again G have reduced the barrier of entry to wanna be SEO researchers and also more scarily, click fraudsters. It's a MUCH simpler regexp to undertake now than before!

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