GOOGLE'S PHILANTRHOPY TAKES DIFFERENT TACK: A FOR-PROFIT... MORE... Founders of GOOGLE have set up philanthropy, giving it seed money of $1 billion and mandate to tackle poverty, global warming, NYT and others will report on Thursday. But unlike most charities, this one will be for-profit, allowing it to fund startup companies, form partnerships with venture capitalists, and even lobby Congress... Developing...

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here's the

here's the story in the New York Times ..

and the website..

zero sum game

"giving it seed money of $1 billion and mandate to tackle warming"
so what is the global warming impact of these air-conditioning towers?????

If you shift the energy

If you shift the energy source from non-renewable to renewable energy then there probably is limited or no impact.

I assume the car journeys

I assume the car journeys that are saved by search and downloadable software will be a net benefit for the environment.

I'm not sure about the google lads' private 747 though ;)

The Second Law of Thermodynamics

The Second Law of Thermodynamics says you cannot beat the system.

only if the system is real

Entropy eh? But if you read Demon Box by Ken Kesey you'll get to the great punchline that cleared his fevered mind back in the days when he worried about such things:
"Entropy's only a problem in a closed system."

Sorry the links don't access the actual story, google hasn't scanned it and it doesn't appear to be on the Web, you have to steal the book.

Read that NYTs article

It really sounds awesome.

Go Google!

since you are buying that,

since you are buying that, can I interest you in a bridge I have for sale in Brooklyn?

Global warming and a political lobby? Yeah right.

back on topic, lots of meat here

first, it's seed money, and seed itself can't be sneezed at, because nothing's sprouted yet.

second, it's for-profit if it wants to be. This breaks out of zero-sum, where someone has to give for others to get, it brings in win-win.

third, the ways in which entire economies evolve and share money come from the necessary things that a society's people do. When we change those necessary things to green and sustainable actions, the economy re-aligns itself, and suddenly there's profit there.

And somebody has to lead the way in this.

Fourth, Google being Google, the child developments will never lack for innovative distribution networks based on (close to) perfect information, nor will they ever lack for viral marketing, since G knows people of all hat colors to spread new ideas.

Not a bad start. And putting a guy called Doctor Brilliant in charge of it is beyond my abilitites to comment...

Venture Philanthropy

It's relatively new, (mid to late 90s) but Google certainly isn't leading the way nor is Google the innovator. Kudos to Google for joining the philanthropy club and yes it 'sounds awesome', but there aren't any results yet.

>>mandate to tackle poverty, global warming

That's just rhetoric. Pleasant rhetoric but rhetoric.

salmon canneries

If you look at the Google datacenter at The Dalles, you should also look upstream to see Yahoo! and Microsoft building data centers on the same river :

Microsoft and Yahoo have announced that they are building big data centers upstream in Wenatchee and Quincy, Wash., 130 miles to the north.

The end result is the salmon canneries downstream at the mouth of the river no longer have to cook the salmon before canning it. That saves energy, right?

Thanks from the world

I'd like to focus on the $1,000,000,000.

Well done, guys!

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