Thai / Phuket Tsunami - Largest Earthquake since 1900


At least one of our members is in the Phuket Tsunami region - I hope they're alright, but fear the worst as news reports and blogs are saying thousands have died during the biggest earthquake since 1900.

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What Gurtie said - without the detail

Oh thank god

I am glad to hear Jeff and his family are ok. Nick: nuke my blog asking if he is ok.

help however you can

Sorry for getting political Nick, but this is important - unless help gets to people who need it now, in the form of clean water supplies, humanitarian aid and help with the clean up the probably 30,000 dead now will be nothing against the final death toll, instead of getting an extra gadget in the sales you might want to visit or somewhere similar and make a donation, it's all most of us can do to help and many of the effected areas don't have the infrastructure or expertise to cope with anything on this scale and desperately need any aid we can give them.

The camera does not lie, but does not necessarily tell the whole

An awesome disaster, and a dreadful death toll.

As an outside observer it is difficult to gague the extent of the turmoil.

That sequence from Phuket that Nick links to is incredible, however literally a few miles away they appear to have been relatively uneffected.

The shots are from a hotel that we holidayed at last January, and is close to the other sequence. People bathing there already.

Last summer we were in Cornwall, happily lunching in bright sunshine, when 25 miles away Boscastle had a flash flood that was reported round the world.

I was brought up in Northern Ireland and you could see on National News reports of carnage just a mile away, that had passed you by completely.

I suspect that the death toll from this tsunami is being understated at present, either because people do not know the figures, or more cynically, they do not waant to hurt the tourist businesses.

In the end we look at the pictures and make up our own minds - but it does depend on whether a person with a camera happened to be there or not

phuket beach bum

word on the grapevine is that eljefe and family are well and safe !


Thanks andy