Pulling Threads...


is generally something that I think is quite evil in nature, but some core members at TW who were involved in heated debate with Doug told me they regretted it, and would prefer if their stuff was taken down.

I don't really care about the legal stuff from Doug, (as my last lawsuit proved that some legal expenses could almost be put directly into the high ROI marketing category, and I would likely financially benefit if Doug did sue me), but I think there are better things to talk about than Doug. As Paul Graham once stated:

Argue with idiots, and you become an idiot.

Search and the web to me are important issues. Things I am passionate about. Doug is not. And since some of the members who were closely associated with the issue no longer want to be associated with it I have to respect their opinions and requests.

I unpublished these three threads (check their Google cache if you want to see what got removed):

Sorry for the ugliness thusfar, any for any inconvenience that pulling those threads may cause you. Also we are going to disallow any further citations of Doug's website.* Why grant him any further mindshare?

*Unless he acts like such an ass that he forces us to modify this policy


Lock this thread

Aaron lock this thread.. because it's gonna just give some people more ammo..

probably a good call.

probably a good call.

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