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Epic 2014
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Threadlinked above is an 8min flash presentation on the future of media. The Museum of Media History takes us from the present, when citizen journalism, blogging, TiVo and social networking have taken firm hold, to a halfway realistic furture where the "Evolving Personalized Information Construct" is born.

EPIC, as it would be known involoves the merger of Google and Amazon to form Googlezon, the death of the NYT and the personalization of every conceivable aspect of media and product consumption.

It's an awesome vision, and well worth the 8mins it takes to watch.

link via cnet



If you haven't seen this yet then I suggest you do.

GoogleZon emerges as Amazon and Google join forces to deliver E?C (ePIc) a world dominating behemouth that runs on the Google Grid.

It may be a look into the year 2014, or may be starting to happen already!

ePic = VALIS

I think far too many of us geek types have read Orwell (did you notice that the ID they showed belonged to "Smith, Winston"?) and Philip K Dick. And has anyone heard the VALIS opera Tod Machover wrote while he was an artist in residence at MIT? C'mon, I bet you have... Sing it with me:

VALIS is reeeeal!

This thing's great. It goes way past the prediction I made last year that G would turn into a Yahoo-esque portal called MyGoogle with Paris Hilton doing TV adverts in which she'd ask, "Wanna see my Google?"


I missed this the first time around but it bears watching now in light of the events of the last three weeks :)

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