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Online Video: The Sequel
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With Broadband enjoying high penetration and the blogging craze in full swing you've most likely at least heard the term video blog right? Well, BusinessWeek have picked up on it and it's certainly gaining a little momentum so it might be time to start filing it under "things to keep an eye on".

But amid the chaos, glimpses of a commercial future are starting to emerge, including a revival of online video distribution, using vlogs to sell ads, and corporate sites designed to reach out to customers and suppliers. "Text doesn't get across all I want to communicate," says Lenn Pryor, who runs Channel 9, a vlog that Microsoft (MSFT ) set up in April to communicate more effectively with software developers.

What terrifies me most about this is not the fact that aswell as general text publishing, in the form of blogs, we now have amateur video coming our way, but the fact that some hitherto thought of as sensible people are dubbing the new format Vlogs.

What madness is this? Vlog, Vlogs, Vlogging - holy shit! It sounds dirty doesnt it? "Stop that junior! If you keep vlogging, you'll go blind!" - give me a bloody break!


There have been daily video (incremental) updates...

...on the web for ages. Just not of people talking ;-)

I bet a vlog is 1000 times more interesting for the one (=ego) making it than it is for people watching it. With hundreds of readworthy blogs to scan (within seconds if needed) every day, how are people going to find to time to wade though an entire video blog? Have I missed something? An invention to compress a video to a mere flash and then expand it in our brains? Vlog for the in-crowd: ok. That's what I've been doing with my family snapshots for years now.

Are there examples of must-see vlogs today?


The article does mention the fact that video has been on the web since the 90's but the point is that with RSS encapsulation and all of the major SE's and no end of specialist SE's working on or actively promoting video search it's now getting somewhat of a revival..

Well, I think it need new media players...

...that allow you to zap/skip through a video. Maybe even a x2 x4 x6 setting with sound. Automatic subtitles (handy when playing at double speed without missing info).

Of course this vlog software should encourage people to make really short, snappy, high quality videos.

Oh yeah... and I'd like an automated rating system: an indicator on each vlog showing how many viewers (%) actually watched the whole thing without zapping away...

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